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Google Glass: Reg man tests tech specs


Why are there so many Luddites on the Reg forums?

Why are people trying to kill this before it's been given a chance?

I can think of countless situations where Glass would be useful. This is a bit of interesting tech and chances are Google won't be the company to get the most out of it, leaving a void for either a competitor or a new starter to push it further. This could go somewhere interesting and perhaps leed to a truly useful gadget.

Those that think it will be used for unsavory activities are absolutely right. It will be. But so are all other technologies. Cameras are everywhere, there is no real escape from them. Home computing also is a key area where nefarious BS takes place. Having something visible on your head that people can see from a mile off isnt being sneaky to me. I'm sure people if asked would remove them just the same as with camera's and mobile's. The threat's to violence is the reason for my Luddite comment. Seriously? you would punch a fellow human being on the off chance they might be filming you?

The revival of survival – the gaming genre that refuses to die


Once you find some gear the game becomes alot better. Just got an axe so i can now take out zombies. Havent bumped into another player yet in 14hrs of playing. The game was a grind at first for me but there is something special about it and this is only the alpha.

Was happy to pay £19.99 to back it. If they accomplish half of what they are talking about, then this game is worth the investment. Not a fan of the whole zombies thing but this is alot more about survival. Its grity and you create your own stories around the most trivial of tasks.

To get a feel for it, this is a great article.


Microsoft Xbox One to be powered by ginormous system-on-chip


Better than my new PC?

Q: just built my first gaming rig after becoming disillusioned with consoles.

i7 950k (o/c 3.8ghz)

14gb ram

asus GTX680 4gb

My question is are the new consoles going to blow this out of the water performance wise.


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