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Mad Raspberry Pi boffins ripped out its BRAINS and SHRANK them for your pleasure


Re: It's still too expensive

What system did you come up with to control your indoor environment?

DON'T PANIC: No FM Death Date next month, minister confirms


Oh dear...

Testing began on DAB in 1990 with the service going public in 1995. Two years before the Labour government, who hadn't been in power since 1979. Don't let the facts get in the way of your right-wing foaming at the mouth moment.

Murdoch stands between your kids and filth with BSkyB network-level SHIELD


Re: Clarity somewhat lacking.

That's what I encountered. I got an unexpected email about the system and upon visiting the page was offered three options. No idea if it's already switched on. This was enhanced by Sky's wording that suggested it should be on in all circumstances as it blocks malware sites.

Did that mean the 18 setting is already on but only to block dangerous stuff but not porn? It doesn't give you any clues at all.

I hear what's being said, that it's opt-in (again, not suggested by Sky's words) and *completely* off right now, but I have no definite way of seeing that.


Clarity somewhat lacking.

I checked this out as soon as I got the Sky email earlier but there's definitely no 'off' option for me. I surmise that I need to apply the filter and then disable it.

Surface Pro 2: It's TOOL-PROOF and ultimately destined for LANDFILL


What decade is this?

I thought it was to be made unacceptable to have electronic devices that were unrepairable due to manufactured obstacles in the design. Did the EU or whoever not decide upon that?

If not, it's about time they did.

AMD details new low-bucks, high-oomph graphics cards


Confusing for the general consumer...

I currently have a 6970HD and was waiting to see what the newer generation of AMD cards brought to the table before planning an upgrade.

From what it seems I might as well stick with the 6970HD as it seems that only the 79xxHD and upcoming R9 290 & 290X will offer a dramatic improvement. There does appear to be an increase in power draw.

It's starting to feel like there's been very little movement at the high end of Radeon cards for several years. Unless I'm missing something.

Possessed baby monitor shouts obscenities at Texas tot



I'm absolutely stunned that someone would even consider an IP camera in a child's room if there was a possibility of an external network connection being formed. I'm sure people will argue that it's to monitor children while the parents are not at home, in which case I'd suggest they have a far larger issue than a creepy hacker.

It reminded me of the IP camera set I bought from Aldi that had been used, a dynamic IP service set and fully password protected. Not even a factory reset would allow access and a firmware update could only be done, you guessed it, from within the password protected zone. Needless to say that I returned it. Aldi were gobsmacked as to how it had happened given that the security seals were intact at time of purchase. I suggested at the point of manufacture and the Manager removed all remaining units from the floor.

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