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I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


Re: Apparel Solution

Too cheap!

Top 10 Steve Ballmer quotes: '%#&@!!' and so much more


Re: One Smart Thing

Good. So we've got one man who, with his hippy friends, knits his own infrastructure from bits found in skips and charity shops, a clown who agrees with the 'ignorant and gullible world' delusion and a man who has always liked macs as his one buttoned mouse works well with his $2K sketch book and he can draw better with it and without fear of viruses.

You see how the 91.53% is significant here people. Stop the hating. It's OK now. The nasty man's gone and we'll all be happy, if you just learn to let the prejudices go.


Re: One Smart Thing

How tiring to hear this pish again. "one "shockingly inferior" product after another on to an ignorant and gullible world". Is that that the world you come from?

The world, and their businesses, real ones running the real world, use Microsofts products solely because, in most instances, there was and is no alternative or the alternatives were 'shockingly inferior'. Why else would business people pay or pay more? MS have and still run the business world. The toy market is dominated by Google and Apple own the vanity over productivity realm.

If you're in business you run windows because it's the best and most productive and compatible platform - from days of DOS to 8 and everything between. Backwards compatible to windows 95 if you need it. Their methods aside, MS deliver so that you can type this ignorant hatred on your (probably windows http://bit.ly/17ccYwJ ) device and have it carried by and passed through MS powered servers around the internet to be viewed on the 91.53% (by OS market share) windows run desktops or downvoted on the toys or mirrors of the deluded 'elite'.

The world is indeed changing; consumption drives the rise of the consumer device and MS under Balmer underestimated it, woefully. Now though they have joined up services and products which stand shoulder to shoulder with anything from the fairy kingdom and integrate with enterprise like no other. If you want to see or show what dinner was like to or for your 'followers' then a tablet or phone is great. If you want to do some actual work then you go to a windows pc (or fire up windows 7 in bootcamp).

My fervent hope is that the departure of '@rse#0le Step Dad Steve' will allow the naive to see the true scale of the singularly magnificent job done by the worlds largest software company and we see less of this guff and more recognition for three decades of the only effective choice and still the best.

Bill Gates's barbed comments pop Google's broadband balloons


Re: Intelligence!

0) You could learn about Malaria and how to avoid catching it from the internet.

Seriously!? If you can catch Malaria from the internet then these poor - poor countries really don't want more airborne parasites from google in their mosquito infested airspace


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