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Anonymity proves grey area for IDScan

Graham Marsden

The time is 21:20

... and it's still there!

BTW I've also noticed that they haven't even made an *effort* to obscure the card holders' signatures...!

Cameron: Give the UK's health records to Google

Graham Marsden

There are also concerns...

... about the use of anonymised records for pharmaceutical research.

Not to mention you suddenly starting to receive targeted adverts for anti-cholesterol medicines or nicotine patches or erectile dysfunction pills...

US declares 'public health emergency' over swine flu

Graham Marsden

I thought I had swine flu...

... turned out I was just hogging my food.

(What? Too soon?!)

Jacqui drops central snooping database

Graham Marsden

Not a "central database" then...

... but still a record of who we have been communicating with which the Government etc can access at will...

... Hmm, I feel so much safer now...

(Presumption of Innocence? Not in this country any more!)

After mass security lapse, RBS Worldpay gets IRS contract

Graham Marsden

Re: Convenience Fee...

... it's just occurred to me that, since the bailout, we now own 60% of RBS...


Graham Marsden

"convenience fee"???

> amounting to 1.95 percent of the amount a taxpayer owes.

That's not a "convenience fee", it's a licence to print money!

US Congress inspects deep packet inspection

Graham Marsden

Which part of...

... "It's none of your damn business" don't they understand...?

Private ID scans leave fetish club-goers feeling exposed

Graham Marsden
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@Kieron McCann

"er, obvious solution - move it to a new venue"

Brilliant, Kieron, why didn't anyone else think of that?

Of course you'll already know just how easy it is to find a venue that's happy to host fetish events, that won't charge ridiculous rents and possibly a "per head" fee on top, that's accessible, that's not booked solid with other events...?

Graham Marsden
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One way or another we'll monitor you...

Speaking as someone who makes and supplies BDSM gear (including, almost certainly, to some of the patrons of TG) and someone who has attended many Fetish Events for the last ten years or so, I can remember maybe three or four incidents of trouble over that time.

What I can also recall is several incidents where club goes have been "outed" by the gutter press, for instance when the News of the Screws did an "expose" of The Bridge which resulted in a woman teacher being sacked even though what she was doing in private had absolutely nothing to do with her job.

Now imagine the damage they could do to people if they managed to infiltrate TG or SE One and get their hands on the membership list.

The fact that the Home Office and the Police seem to think that this isn't their problem just shows how little they really care about the security of our data, they are just interested in foisting these systems on more and more people under the guise of "licensing requirements" or other such excuses.

Their aim is, of course, simply to get people used to this as part of the creeping expansion of the surveillance society, along with fingerprinting in schools and pubs being told to put in CCTV on the door or they won't get their licences renewed, so they can eventually sneak in ID cards and the National Identity Register by the back door.

Self-replicating machine replicates

Graham Marsden

printing out the parts of its own replacement....

Err, boss, we just told this machine to print out the parts for its own replacement and instead it printed out a hand with two fingers extended...

Her Majesty's CIO braces US for Obama HIT

Graham Marsden
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"just say 'No!' because they can"

No, I say "NO" because I don't trust you with my data!

Of course the fact that I can say "no" doesn't mean that you're going to pay a blind bit of notice, does it?

Ireland scraps e-voting in favour of 'stupid old pencils'

Graham Marsden


See Snopes for the truth about the Space Pen...


Graham Marsden
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If it ain't broke...

... don't fix it!

What is so wrong with the "stupid old pencils" system when it *works* perfectly well? Why is it necessary to replace it with something "modern" that has shown to be flawed and subject to (untraceable) abuse?

Modernisation is all very well where it's needed, but doing it just because you can isn't sensible, as this debacle has demonstrated.

Germany approves strengthened child abuse law

Graham Marsden
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"a daily list of about 1,500 sites"???

Is that 1,500 new sites every day, then...?

And as for this not being a "backdoor to censorship", pardon my derisive laughter!

We've already seen the nonsense of the bans applied to Wikipedia et al because of an album cover, what else is out there that might contain (alleged) child porn because it features young looking women? (A lot of Japanese women appear to be "underage" to western eyes)

Meanwhile a lot of kiddie porn gets distributed via IRC or P2P or other such methods, something this law will do nothing to stop...

Website terms unenforceable due to unlimited right to amend

Graham Marsden

I'm not a lawyer....

... but IIRC in the UK such things are covered under the Unfair Contract Terms act which specifically prohibits such restrictions being imposed by a business on a consumer.

Botnet speed test uncovers drag racers of malware

Graham Marsden
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@Paul Soleki

> Why don't they just cut off machines on their networks that are so obviously sending spam?

Ok, so, somehow, through no fault of your own, your PC gets infected.

No problem, you think, I'll download software to disinfect it...

... err, hang on, I've been cut off by my ISP...

Lost laptops cost companies $50k apiece

Graham Marsden

Ok, so...

... how much does it cost the Taxpayer when a Government agency loses one...?

Spy chiefs size up net snoop gear

Graham Marsden

The intelligence agencies have neither the inclination nor the resources...

He missed out the operative word "... yet".

Now they have the inclination and they'll probably very soon have the resources.

All they need after that is a pet Home Secretary who thinks that introducing Stasi-like monitoring of everyone is a good idea...

... oh s$$t, they've already got Wacky Jacqui...

New non-volatile memory promises 'instant-on' computing

Graham Marsden


The sound of my BBC Model B Micro booting...!

Nominet governance review questions not-for-profit status

Graham Marsden
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£15m in the bank...?

... here come the new Carpet Baggers.

How about they spend some of the money to provide a better service?

Lotus offers to end e-car silent running

Graham Marsden

I want...

... mine to sound like KITT from the original Knight Rider, complete with the scanner going "swoosh, swoosh"....

Police detain Craigslist masseuse murder suspect

Graham Marsden
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... this killer was tracked through his use of Craigslist.

And the solution...?

Stop women from advertising services on Craigslist!

Wow! That's brilliant!

Don't think about ways of enabling women (and men!) to legally and legitimately advertise services in "the oldest profession", no, just make it *MORE* difficult for them and make them *MORE* vulnerable to nutters :-(

HP ScanJet 3C takes lead on Bohemian Rhapsody

Graham Marsden

Ok, but...

... years ago you could get the Commodore 64's disk drive to play Amazing Grace or When I'm 64 and before that, the Altair 8800 played Fool on the Hill and Daisy Daisy...

New England wrestles porn law schizophrenia

Graham Marsden

You're old? You're disabled? You're not supposed to have sex!

Apart from the large amount of GILF porn out there, I wonder how many people are aware of a group called "The Outsiders" http://www.outsiders.org.uk/ an organisation dedicated to helping those with physical and social disabilities explore their sexuality.

Protecting someone from assault or sexual abuse is one thing, equating people who are old or disabled (Does he take sugar?) with children who are unable to consent is simply insulting.

BTW The article by Dave Wedge linked to in that piece says "Pervs preying on the elderly or disabled could soon face harsh new penalties under a first-of-its-kind proposed law that would punish sicko peddlers of geriatric and handicapped porn the same as child pornographers."

I wonder if he's ever heard the words "Impartial" or "Unbiased" as applied to journalism?

Profs: Human race must become Hobbits to save planet

Graham Marsden

Why am I reminded...

... of Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal"...?

Rail union ballots for strike over fingerprints

Graham Marsden


> What they are basically saying is - "we care so little about who does the cleaning we couldn't identify them if we tried, "

Yeah, well they all look alike, don't they...

Seriously, though, I too, find myself in the unexpected position of agreeing with RMT strike action!

Tory terror police were 'fishing' for Liberty

Graham Marsden
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"Its should be expected that the police try to push the boundaries - infact its healthly that they do so."

No way in hell is it "healthy" that the Police push the boundaries, see the G20 protests (aggressive tactics, concealed ID numbers, assaults etc) for what happens when those boundaries start getting pushed!

The job of the Police is to Maintain the Queen's Peace so that people may go about their lawful business without let or hindrance and investigate breaches of the law, however they *MUST* do it within set limits otherwise they start becoming "Judge, Jury and Executioner".

Remember that the Police are a civilian organisation subject to the same laws as the rest of us.

Boffins build super-accurate atomic clock

Graham Marsden

Got the right time, mate...?

... err, yes, but by the time I tell you, it'll be wrong...

Dixon of Threadneedle Street plan threatens confusion

Graham Marsden

@Neil Spellings

Of course the Police aren't interested in these incidents, there's no Government targets for them to meet...

Doughnut balloon-chute spaceships to reach Mars, Neptune

Graham Marsden

any fule kno the old ballute braking ploy...

Hmm, quoting from the Odyssey File (the book of the making of 2010 by Arthur C Clarke and Peter Hyams)...

"We have arrived at the Rectal First Big Ballute Plasma Shower Gas Saving Low Energy Fart Aerobraking Manoeuvre As Conceived By Arthur C Clarke (It can also be referred to as the old R.F.B.B.P.S.G.S.L.E.F.A.M. ploy)

Pirate Bay fans: Lay off our neo-Nazi Sugar Daddy

Graham Marsden
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@Andrew Orlowski

Thank you for posting some of my comments to you, although I note that you didn't quote the bit where I pointed out that your "So Nazi [sic] are cool?" comment was a Straw Man.

I also added a PS saying "would you object if Max Mosley was a customer of mine...?" but you never replied to that...

Tory 'terror' affair shows danger of ubiquitous surveillance

Graham Marsden
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@Jez Burns


Thanks for saving me having to type all of that lot!

Jedi officers enlist with Scottish police

Graham Marsden

Excuse me Lord Vader...

.. but about the plans for the Death Star, well, I was on a train and I took them out of my briefcase, and you'll never believe this...

... aak, gakk, gasp...

... thud!

US parkies in 'burrow-buster' marmot detonation campaign

Graham Marsden

Is it obligatory to yell...

... Fire In The Hole!

Pizza-polluting YouTube plonkers soil Domino's

Graham Marsden

Why am I reminded...

... of the old Not the Nine o'Clock News sketch featuring Rowan Atkinson as a pizza maker who announces:

"One pizza Napoli...


"...with extra mozarella!"

Germany not a hard-line censor after all

Graham Marsden
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Won't someone think of die Kinder...!

"The rights of children carry more weight than unhindered mass communication."

Excuse me? Is she saying that the rights of children are more important than the right of everyone else to enjoy freedom of expression? Or that these two rights are somehow mutually exclusive? Or just that she's another clueless politician?

Steptoe storage vendors cash in on junk platters

Graham Marsden

established vendors...

...will tend to reject new technologies that threaten revenues from existing business models without very good reasons.

See the MPAA, the RIAA, the BPA and a whole bunch of others for more details...!

Google throws secret auto-updater to open sorcerers

Graham Marsden

Does anyone else...

... keep reading Omaha as Obama...?

Storage firm hopes to cut IP litigation costs with escrow discovery

Graham Marsden

Will the people examining it...

... also be searched for hidden cameras etc?

(And will they be tested to see if they have a photographic memory...?)

How the government uses dirty data to legislate morality

Graham Marsden
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"Beside the obviously demeaning effects simulated rape has towards women, there is growing evidence that using extreme porn is bad for the men who do it and the relationships these men are in."

I'm sorry, but have you been reading the Government's Rapid Evidence Assessment instead of this article? Because that's the only way that you could actually come to that conclusion!

All the way through this article is pointing out how flawed this "evidence" you refer to is and the lack of factual basis for it, yet you trot out the tired old "it's demeaning to women" and "it's bad for men" arguments again.

Personally I think that Reality TV programmes are demeaning to their participants and being unfaithful to your partner is bad for relationships (for men and for women) yet I wouldn't call for legislation to ban them.

About the only point you get right is that the Government *SHOULD* "put their efforts into examining the relationship between porn and sexual disfunction / relationship problems and the relationship between the porn derived objectification of women in the media and the growth of eating disorders and plastic surgery amongs women in the UK." but only if they actually do an impartial and unbiased study (instead of cobbling together something from reports which already agree with the conclusions they want to reach) because if they do, they'll almost certainly find that there is no relationship between these.

Of course they won't do that because it wouldn't fit with their (and your) "emotion based policy making"...

Graham Marsden
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Another excellent article from John Oz!

I was a member of the Backlash campaign against the so-called Extreme Pornography laws practically since its instigation, so many of the references above are familiar to me, yet even I have hardly seen a more comprehensive debunking of the Government's "evidence" for legislating against what we can read or see or do.

A link to this article is going straight to my MP!

You can do the same via http://www.writetothem.com

The mobile phone as self-inflicted surveillance

Graham Marsden

Whatever happened to Presumption of Innocence???

I have a mobile phone, but I very rarely carry it on because it is simply for *MY* convenience!

I don't need people to be able to contact me instantly, I don't need to get the latest gossip without delay, I don't need to be able to text someone or twitter whatever vague thoughts happen to be passing through my head at any particular moment...

I do carry it when I'm on my motorbike just in case I break down. I do carry it if I'm visiting someone and I'm running late. I do carry it if it is to my benefit.

If the State is going to track me whilst using it, then I'll keep the damn thing switched off unless and until *I* choose to use it!

Presumed innocence? Nope, it seems it's now Presumed Guilty if the State can't monitor my every movement...

Whitehall to train pro-West Islamic groups to game Google

Graham Marsden
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April 1st

was *last* week!

16 teams to field 24 e-bikes in 'zero-emission' TT race

Graham Marsden

midnight oil to be burnt?

Well *that's* not very environmentally friendly...!

British film board rejects 'disturbing' sexual torture film

Graham Marsden

@Patrick Bateman

Try visiting your local Art House cinema and watch some of the stuff that is produced that equally has "no fucking plot development or acting," and some of which includes nudity.

The question is, simply, *WHY* should the BBFC be entitled to make decisions like this "for our own good" and the answer is that they shouldn't.

PS @ Richard: People have been coming up with post hoc justifications for banning stuff because of "copycat" incidents for a long time now, but that does not prove that the stuff they want banned *caused* the incident, only that there was a similarity in methodology.

And the "chances of another massacre" do not increase, only the chances of such a massacre getting widespread press coverage, hence the "epidemic of knife crime" last year that turned out to be nothing of the sort except for the fact that the media suddenly started making a big deal out of it.

Graham Marsden
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@I don't know much about "art"...

And what scares *me* is people like you and Wacky Jacqui Smith and David Blunkett and Jack Straw and all other of your ilk who assume that simply by *watching* something, you're going to "encouraged" to go out and do it without any regard for the consequences or the safety of the people involved.

Ever since Socrates was sentenced to death for "corrupting the youth of Athens" there have been those who want to take us down the Thought Crime route of "if they don't see it, they won't do it", the so-called Extreme Pornography Legislation being just the latest example of this nonsensical argument.

Of course the fact that the BBFC has rejected this film's application for a certificate means virtually damn all now, not least because it will still be entirely legal to publish the film abroad and then import it into the UK, you just won't be able to buy it from a shop *IN* the UK!

The BBFC is an obsolete organisation that is still trying to give itself some sort of meaning in a world that has passed it by.

DARPA gives Cal Tech boffin $6m 'to save Moore's Law'

Graham Marsden

May I be the first to welcome...

... our self-healing, self-replicating, self-improving machine overlords...!

French adhesive workers stick it to Brit boss

Graham Marsden

French president Nicolas Sarkozy has said...

... such boss-napping is unacceptable and that workers could face prosecution.

But they're unlikely to because he knows that the French Unions hold too much political power...

Brown pledges to make Britain's drivers greener

Graham Marsden
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Most of us view Government Ministers...

... as greedy bastards with their snouts in the trough for whatever they can get.

Of course if they were given a "fleet" of electric cars, no doubt they'd still be demanding milage allowances for the flash motors they drive to and from their constituencies because the electric cars "wouldn't be up to the job".

PS @ Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware

Highway code paragraph 264: Lane discipline

"You should always drive in the left-hand lane when the road ahead is clear. If you are overtaking a number of slower-moving vehicles, you should return to the left-hand lane as soon as you are safely past. "

Which part of "Lane discipline" don't you understand?

Secret European project to battle online jihad

Graham Marsden
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Function creep...?

This is just another attempt to bring in a law like that banning "glorifying terrorism" etc.

But how long before that ban on "Islamic extremist material" is extended to other "extremist material"? How long before the definition of "extremist material" is expanded to other content deemed "unacceptable" by the various state? How long before we're told that "you can't see this because we think it's bad for you"?

This is just another assault on the freedoms that the internet allows us and which are *so* threatening to our Great Leaders that they must be stopped.

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