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Brit fumes over Wikipedia, lava lamps



A number of the Wiki admin have their own agenda, and act very much like the medieval church when it comes to scientific issues. The history of science, of course, is fraught with controversy, and the situation today is little different. The evidence should win out, and many in my specialist field, plasma cosmology, believe that we are seeing a paradign shift happening right now.

However, wiki admin are wickedly suppressing, censoring, and misrepresenting a number of contemporary and genuine scientific endeavours.

For example, they continually remove information about new books on Plasma Cosmology, The Electric Universe, Intrinsic Redshifts (Halton Arp) and many others, although most of these are written by professional scientists and highly regarded professors.

Wikipedia has become a a sin against the principals on which the internet was founded! This situation is very sad.

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