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MS-DOS paternity suit settled



Having actually used GEM - yes, I am a fossil, and was configuring 3274 cluster controllers for IBM in 1984 - I can say that I really wish GEM had continued. It was beyond its' time and incredibly easy to use. A pox on that which replaced it!


(Un)lucky UCLA student cops Paris's old mobile number


Carrier ripped her off

The un-named carrier ripped Ms. Barlow off - only natural given that they earn commission from sales and by making her sign up for a new number tied her into a 2 year contract.

(Which she can get out of within 30days once someone makes her aware of her having been screwed over)

If she had been on T-Mobile or ATT, the replacement phone would have been at full price as lost devices are not covered by standard warranty or insurance. After that the carrier would have simply needed to move her number to a new SIM card.

If the carrier had been Sprint or Verizon the cost would have simply been a replacement device and the carrier would have done an ESN or MEID swap and then programmed the device. (Sprints' network is generally slower to process these kind of updates and Sprint representatives will state that it can take up to an hour for voice devices and up to four hours for data devices)

Personally I'm waiting for her to file against the store for deceptive practice. ;)

To Naiirita: US wireless stores will often use this tactic if someone has relocated to another area, even if it is for college or a short period of time, stating that because of the billing address they "must" have a new number based on where they are using it. The tactic is rubbish.



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