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Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently

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Own DNS server?

I've got zones on my DNS server for adnxs, ogp, outbrain, revcountent, taboola, zergnet et.Al. and see very few ads as a result. No idea how well that works on the data siphoning thing though.

Cops told: No, you can't have a warrant to force a big bunch of people to unlock their phones by fingerprint, face scans

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Re: Self incrimination?

I believe one of the more major problems with the Judge's assertion that the 5th covers this, is that it has been repeatedly ruled (all the way to the Supremes) that the 5th is a right that you have to assert - i.e. when Plod asks you to unlock your phone, you THEN get to assert your 5th rights and it's then decided by a judge as to whether this is the case (or not).

The judge can't pre-emptively claim 5th Rights for all the people affected by the warrant.

Bulk surveillance is always bad, say human rights orgs appealing against top Euro court

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Re: Symbol of the philosophy behind it

Limited budget? There has never been a case over the past 70 years where western intel agencies have been starved on budget. Starved of imagination, sure. Starved of talent, definitely. Starved of morality, ooh you betcha. But money, nope not ever.

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Big Brother

Symbol of the philosophy behind it

Bulk surveillance is a sign of the laziness and incompetence of the bureaucratic bumblers behind intel agencies. Doing surveillance of actual specific threats is hard. It's a lot easier to treat everyone as a threat and when the inevitable happens work your way backwards from the info you already have.

Lazy pencil-pushers deserve no sympathy.

In 2018, Facebook is the villain and Microsoft the shining light, according to techies

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Big Brother

Bunch of Hipsters

I was hating on Facebook before it was cool...

Doom at 25: The FPS that wowed players, gummed up servers, and enraged admins

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Freshly appointed to a sys admin role (and barely understanding any of it) and with an office full of 486's and weekend access, I was "the man" to all my mates as we blasted our way through 8 man deathmatches most Saturdays.

Have a gander at this: Amazon agrees not to act as Silicon Valley's foie gras dealer

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Re: Serves them right

Ever tried to find a firearm for sale on Amazon? Oh that's right, you can't.

Great Scott! Is nothing sacred? US movie-goers vote Back To The Future as most-wanted reboot

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A Matrix sequel?

Why would you make a sequel to The Matrix which was perfect. Surely any kind of sequel would be full of crap clichés and waffle to the point of not being watchable, or at the least instantly forgettable.

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Re: Reboot Avatar? Yuck!

I say we take off, nuke the entire site from orbit. That way none of us have to give a f*** about some giant tree defended by space smurfs. It's the only way to be sure.

Infosec's Thanksgiving turkey triumvirate: Tesla, Tumblr, Trump (as in Ivanka)... and tons more

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Not even close to the same

Speaking as someone who held TS clearance for the UK MoD and worked on their email servers, the two situations aren't even remotely close and El'Reg as a magazine that claims to be IT literate should know better, rather than succumbing to "gotcha" headlines.

Trump in Spaaaaaaace: Washington DC battles over who gets to decide the rules of trillion-dollar new industry

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The FCC"s remit ends at the US borders. Seriously, what are they going to do if someone else puts up a swarm system and starts offering internet services from it?

Go all China and demand that no-one sell devices to access it, or all Russia and give free polonium tea to the executives of the company, or do the traditional US thing and extradite them on "gambling" charges?

Scare Force: Pakistan military hit by Operation Shaheen malware

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Clearly they'd outsourced their IT anti-virus/firewall support to Mumbai.

Dell upping its margins again: Precision 5530 laptop will sting you for $13m. Yep, six zeroes

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Wahay! The NZ $$ has appreciated against the Pound Sterling more than I had realised.


That would suggest the exchange rate is 1NZ$ = 2,225 quid. I could have quite the hookers n'coke party in London on what's down the back of the couch!

McAfee says cloud security not as bad as we feared… it's much worse

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Re: You can solve all these issues by....

Exactly. It's McAfee. I'll pay more interest to the topic when it's someone competent instead of McAfee saying it.

Oz intel committee: Crypto-busting is only bad if you're a commie, and we're not by the way

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Re: The trend towards intellectually inadequate governments continues...

Modern-era politics is where you go if you have no other talents in life. Groomed into it from the moment you enter university for an Arts or Communications Degree while becoming a member of the Young-XXXX party wing followed by a "career" of toadying, butt sniffing and PR.

Your typical El'Reg reader doesn't fit into that category.

UK defence secretary ponders £50m hit to terminate Capita recruiting contract

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Re: Why

And they are where GCHQ stores all their compromising video footage of MP's and senior civil servants.

RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer

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RIP Mr Allen.

For both better and worse you changed the world.

Oracle? On my server? I must have been hacked! *Penny drops* Oh sh-

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Re: Server hosting - on ADSL

Let's re-read the story. The OP said that their ISDN 128k line wasn't good enough to host their website - hence the server being in the co-lo. 256k isn't likely to cut it either unless the website was entirely text based with no dancing baby GIF files or they were getting very few hits per-day.

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Server hosting - on ADSL

That server must have been getting about 3 hits per day if they successfully relocated it inhouse after getting ADSL. The upload speeds for ADSL in those days were pretty diabolical, not that they're great even today.

New Zealand border cops warn travelers that without handing over electronic passwords 'You shall not pass!'

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I've worked with a bunch of ex-Custom's guys over the years. Frankly they've all been dodgier than a $7 note.

Bombing raids during WWII sent out shockwaves powerful enough to alter the Earth's ionosphere

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Re: Just the Allies?

The US Bombers did carry a smaller load. But on the other hand they were built much tougher than the RAF's bombers and flew much higher (reducing the effectiveness of flak and fighters). There are many photos of B17's coming back to base missing large chunks of wings/tails/body.

As with all such things there are trade-offs.

Amid Trump-China tariff tiff, Cisco kit prices to resellers soar up to 25%

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Cisco - psychics

Clearly Cisco are psychic.

They stuck 100% on their products around this neck of the woods a year ago. Routers literally doubled in price.

National Museum of Computing to hold live Enigma code-breaking demo with a Bombe

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France contributed too

The French were also involved in the initial work to crack Enigma, assisting the Poles. And the Poles who fled after the German invasion went to France first to continue their work.

When France fell, the French first passed on all their work to date to the UK and then (even more importantly) never once let on to the Germans that their systems were vulnerable to compromise.

Sysadmin misses out on paycheck after student test runs amok

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Nice but dim

Related: Back in the 1990's I got sent to Brutish Rail's Bletchley depo to fix a dead computer in the maintenance area. Got there, wiped rag over monitor that was covered in about 1/2" of dust, looked down at the now visible glowing instructions and said "sorted".

Got a nice cup of tea out it and everything.

Salesforce supremo Benioff buys Time magazine for $190m

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Ye olde Time magazine

Ah Time magazine. That thing people bought at an airport to read back in the days before we had phones and/or tablets instead.

I can't think of a single thing it's done over the past 20 years that's been even vaguely relevant.

Lenovo Thinkpad X280: Choosing a light luggable isn't so easy

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Re: No LAN, no go

It does have a network connection, it's just that it's one of those external plug in adaptor jobbies. Which I'm against on the grounds of that the one time I'll need it, it'll almost certainly still be on my desk while I'm 2500km away.

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Re: Care

"Lenovo's support has gone to the bottom of the pile."

Sadly got to agree with you here - it's just as true in this part of the world. And that's kind of tragic as it wasn't more than 3 years ago that the opposite was true.

Now I get:

Laptop under warranty (X270) with dead keyboard - two weeks to get parts

Laptop under warranty (X270) with dead screen - four to eight weeks to get parts

I pissed and moaned to my account manager and Lenovo support about how pathetic this is and got a "that's just how long things take" reply.

Microsoft accidentally let encrypted Windows 10 out into the world

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Big Brother

Ninja Cat?

I prefer Ninja Kitty (NSFW in case anyone is tempted to google that).

Former Detroit IT boss sent down 20 months for bathroom bung bonanza

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Take him to ... Detroit!

It's Detroit. The surprise would have been if he wasn't taking bribes. The real surprise is just how cheaply he sold out.

First it was hashtags – now Amber Rudd gives us Brits knowledge on national ID cards

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Sigh, what is it...

… about politicians called Rudd and utter fuckwittery.

Listen you gormless shitbag, if google fucks up with the data collection about me, the worst thing that can happen is I get advertising for something I have no interest in (Asian brides, crotch fungus cures, solar powered back scratchers, etc.).

When the fuckwits in government fuck up and put me in category AAAA414AB4 (dangerously radicalised) instead of AAA414ABA (time-wasting tedious nobody), the worst that can happen is a Hellfire from a drone, or 18 rounds of 9mm in the head because I looked suspiciously dark skinned and was wearing a jacket against the cold.

One is not the same as the other. Stop trying to pretend that they're the same.

Trainer regrets giving straight answer to staffer's odd question

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Re: Phones too

Yep, I keep a couple of iPhone 5's around with the worlds crappiest batteries and loudly tell people that if they break their new iPhone they get the punishment phone for the remainder of their contract.

Spies still super upset they can't get at your encrypted comms data

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Re: Stephen Nicholson

Yes but... they had to work for that conviction. Not just sit around on their lazy asses slurping up all the information and fishing for something to justify their existence. Much easy not to have to do all that nasty work that takes time away from drinking tea and watching porn.

Remember there are three kinds of bureaucrats: Lazy, stupid, lazy & stupid

Defense Distributed starts selling gun CAD files amid court drama

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Re: No, this has nothing to do with the US First Amendment, freedom of speech

"Lethal" was exactly the same argument used for Zimmerman and the PGP code. It was "a munition of war".

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Re: I'll never understand Americans and their fetish for guns

I really like my AR15. It is a great rifle. Easy to maintain, accurate and useful for going after goats, deer, pigs and any other medium sized game.

It is not without reason that it is described as the best rifle of the past 60 years (with the AK being a close second).

I also like my PS90. It's a great rifle. Easy to maintain, incredibly accurate and useful for going after possums, rabbits, geese and other such pest species.

Am I fetishizing, or commenting on two very useful tools for hunting?

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Re: Good on him

Yes it is well known that the best way to make money is to release something for free.

Also, there is no "assault weapons" ban in place anymore and hasn't been for nearly 20 years.

As for nukes, the right to publish plans for nukes was established back in the 1970's. Good luck sourcing your own enhanced uranium though.

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Good on him

He's fighting the gun-control equivalent of the "teaching abstinence is better than teaching sex-education" crowd.

It doesn't matter how much they stick their fingers in their ears and chant "la la la, I can't hear you", the horse has left the stable, gone for a walk, found a new owner and been re-registered under a new name. No amount of bolting the stable door can change that.

Judge bars distribution of 3D gun files... er, five years after they were slapped onto the web

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"Luggage? That punk pulled a Glock 7 on me. You know what that is? It's a porcelain gun made in Germany. It doesn't show up on your airport X-ray machines here and it costs more than what you make in a month!"

From the original Plastic-Gun panic of the 1980's. (also contains no less than 5 incorrect statements).

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Next up - Court issues order supporting King Cnut's "tides may not come in" ruling.

Stupid pointless cnuts.

Incoming NBN boss inheriting regulation, service headaches

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NBN - bureaucratic, inflexible and tedious

Got told I had to switch two of our store sites over from using (Telstra) ADSL as NBN was now live in the area. Attempted to switch. The process was full of bureaucratic bullshit, was inflexible and was tedious enough that I ended up telling them to shove their NBN up their ass and chalk this up as yet another loss to Optus. Optus 4G connection went into stores. Problem solved.

Here is a free clue for NBN corp. Stop using overseas based help desks full of people who have no idea what I'm talking about when I say the store is a concession in a Myer. "Myer, what is that? I do not understand" is not a good look.

Early experiment in mass email ends with mad dash across office to unplug mail gateway

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A mate who was working for a company that totally wasn't British and had nothing to do with Petroleum in the mid-1990's told me of a email from a fellow worker in Venezuela that took down their systems for a day and a half. Apparently it was meant to go only to his office and let everyone know he was moving house and had some spare furniture. Instead it went worldwide and even in those days the company was big enough to have a lot of people on email, but not robust enough to cope with that much email at once.

I on the other hand accidentally sent out a sales promo in CC rather than BCC which was not a popular move. Only found out after people started to complain too.

Trump's Supreme Court pick will decide critical tech issues for decades – so what are the views of the contenders?

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Re: Well, the good news is that Trump's last appointment was pretty libertarian on police powers

Workers rights? You mean the right of unions to steal from workers without them being able to opt out.

Union rights =/= workers rights no matter how much some people may wish they were.

New guy seems pretty good on the 1st and 2nd, meh on the 4th. Can't have everything I suppose.

MOS-SAD: Israeli govt weighs in on Facebook privacy, promises action

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Re: Democracy?

You mean the ones that have voted in Arab MP's in the Israeli parliament? The ones that sit on the judges bench in the Israeli justice system? The ones that hold a General's rank in the Israeli army? Those Arab citizens?

Israel's problems are not with it's Arab citizens. It's with those next door who like to throw their gays off high buildings, execute dissidents in front of their families, construct bomb factories in schools and hospitals and chant 'death to the Jews, kill them all'.

That was quick: Seattle rushes to kill tax that would mildly inconvenience Amazon

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Re: Seattle council = retards

Sorry, not for RICO. Just for "intimidating" public servants.



Same crowd for whom "allowing a company to leave Washington state just because they don't like the rules is economic terrorism"

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Seattle council = retards

Yes this is the same group of tards whom proposed seizing Boeing and Amazon. Who wanted anyone speaking out against the tax prosecuted under RICO laws? The same group who passed an income tax despite is being against Washington state law. They're not exactly civil governance geniuses.

Should I point out (since el'Reg never does) that the local unions were also vehemently against this tax?

Should I point out that it's Seattle city's own zoning laws that have made building houses so damn difficult (because you wouldn't know it from el'Reg's article)?

It never ceases to amaze me that the same dropkicks who claim "a tax on soda/cigarettes/booze will reduce soda/cigarettes/booze consumption" are also claiming that "a tax on labour won't reduce jobs".

Japanese fashion puts the oo-er into trousers

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Damn new doublets, they always pinch me under the arms...

[/Geralt of Rivia]

Britain's new F-35s arrive in UK as US.gov auditor sounds reliability warning klaxon

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Re: What will happen during a war?

No proof... other than what came out of the opening of the Soviet archives in the 1990's that is. You know, the official records of the debates of the Politburo. In which is was acknowledged that the threat of MAD made going to war with the west a really bad idea.

But hey, keep it going with the both the mental and the physical masturbation just in case.

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Stop Defence reporting, you're crap at it.

Seriously el'Reg, you are rubbish at defence reporting. I see "better" articles in the Daily Mail. Stick to what you're good at - promoting Dev Ops and making nasty comments about IBM.

The F-35 is operational. It's been used in combat missions. Pretty much every "panic" story about it has turned out to be over-hyped horsecrap.

UK's first transatlantic F-35 delivery flight delayed by weather

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Re: "A ship in port is safe. But that's not what ships are built for"

"In both wars UK could have attempted to shorten them attacking Germany or Italy from the sea, and not only from the trenches."

The Imperial German staff knew exactly what they'd do if the six division strong BEF landed from the North Sea. "We'd send the police to arrest them". 160+ divisions Germany had nothing to fear from a BEF landing. Italy (as was already pointed out to you) was on the same side in WW1. The WW2 invasions of her did not do much to shorten the war - if anything.

"Which was the last great UK naval battle after Trafalgar, against a comparable fleet, and not in great superiority?"

Falklands (1914) Dogger Bank (1915), Jutland (1916), River Plate (1939), Cape Matapan (1941), Denmark Straight (1941), Java Sea (1941), Norway Sea (1943) all spring to mind. No doubt others can remember more.

"Italy had the same fears, and instead of attacking Malta with the fleet kept it hidden as well - especially whem Malta air defense was almost depleted."

See Cape Matapan. Not the actions of a navy afraid to be at sea. The Italians stopped going to sea when they ran out of fuel, not before.

"It is true UK carriers were so slow to deploy and refuel their few planes - that they weren't much useful in a true modern battle to enable a CAP and attack enemy ships."

HMS Victorious went to the Pacific to help out the USN in 1943 when the US was very short on carriers. She was regarded as being so good at running CAP that the other carriers ran the attack squadrons and left CAP to her.

"Distant blockade? Germany didn't have a real fleet - and you don't use battleship for a commercial traffic blockade - while its u-boote almost blockaded UK, being free to operate - until US brought in a lot of ship and airplanes to fight them."

WW1, the German fleet was a very real fleet and it engaged the RN in very real battles. Likewise WW2.

"And what blockade was performed in the Mediterranean? The German took Greece, Crete, and almost the Egypt. Thank Suez... and Franco."

The blockade that meant that the blockhead called Rommel couldn't get enough fuel/men/munitions to get into Egypt. That one. The one that sunk the convoy of barges bringing men to Crete for the invasion. That one.

Frankly I haven't see as big a pile of dribble as what you wrote since the last time I saw a toddler with a biscuit.

Australia wants tech companies to let cops 'n' snoops see messages without backdoors

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Re: It's simple

Not perfect. Just better. It's a low bar to cross.

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Re: Bollocks

"Given that the PM himself has admitted to using end-to-end encryption services, then what right do they have to demand to see anyone else's messages?"

Don't you know that some animals are (considerably) more equal than others comrade?


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