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PaddyPower pays out for Gore's Prius joyride

Dave Wood

Re: Dust to Dust

While personally I think most current hybrids a bit pointless, the CNWMR report is hilariously biased against the Prius, both on assumptions about usage/maintenance and about distribution of energy usage throughout a typical manufacture/usage life cycle. See http://www.pacinst.org/topics/integrity_of_science/case_studies/hummer_vs_prius.pdf which although in itself may be biased (it is from a left-leaning org), it does highlight a significant number of concerns about the quality of data used in the CNWMR report. I’m not saying that I think that the Prius is even a particularly good solution, but just that maybe those quoting this report should actually read it and look a little deeper rather than just blindly quoting it.



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