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Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Ultrabook: Your new summer convertible?


I bought one...

... because

1. I had the budget

2. I wanted a convertible for actual business reasons (client site visits and training sessions. Having all my stuff on a tablet is really useful)

3. Battery life

4. 3G

5. I wanted something I could treat badly - it's very well built

6. I knew that I could easily use linux on it. Saying that, I did need to fiddle with grub2

I've had it for about a month and it does all these things really well.

Some points:

1. Gnome forces 96 DPI, which makes text really small on the screen. You can use text scaling to solve this, but then when you're using a second monitor this doesn't work. I'm going to have to use something else, but not really sure what.

2. the command xinput --map-to-output 13 eDP1 fixes the touchscreen issue mentioned in the article

3. Presentation mode is really useful to save space on a desk when using it in the office with two monitors, a proper mouse and keyboard etc.

4. Windows 8's dual monitor support seems to really suck. Sometimes (who knows why) the start menu rubbish will appear on the external monitor and then you're screwed, it's there forever.

5. I wish it had a SD card slot. I didn't realise how much more annoying a usb adaptor is than just having one.

6. It's really nice to have a touchscreen laptop.

7. The mouse pad takes some getting used to, as it's one of those maccy click anywhere ones.



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