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Labour policy review tells EU where to stuff its geo-blocking ban


With the amount of DRM around I don't get how they would be "affected adversely if they became unable to geo-block their online transmissions" Not that I like DRM but are they really that stupid and short sighted? I log into Sky go to watch things, why shouldn't I be able to log in anywhere as long as I have a current subscription? It really does make one want to turn freetard just as a protest at the current business thinking.

Vodafone didn't have a £6bn tax bill. Sort yourselves out, Lefties


I'd agree with taxing dividends and capital gains at normal income tax rates, with appropriate thresholds, a la the proposed buffet rule http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffett_Rule

I suppose the people that wouldn't and get to have their say are the ones with lots of lobbying collateral rather than your average person in the street.

vSphere 6.0 is BADASS. Not that I've played with it or anything. Ahem


Re: So... who's going to upgrade first?

I've gone from 3 > 3.5 > 4 > 5 > 5.1 > 5.5 without waiting long and not had any show stopping incidents. As long as you plan ahead, there's plenty of information out there to use. Past upgrades you can run mixed clusters to let them test for a period before going all in, hopefully 6 will be the same.

Uber isn't limited by the taxi market: It's limited by the Electronic Thumb market


Re: Regulation

Whilst i would always take an insured taxi and in uber's case agree the risk of a traffic accident warrants the regulation, isn't the "nanny state" point that HSE gets to involved because the too many people are brain washed into a blame culture? So those of us who see free choice as a human right are somewhat restricted. E.g. the cheese rollers of the world.

Good way to stimulate the ecomony with HSE directives over any slightest fear of accidents!

New Star Wars movie plot details leak, violate common sense and laws of physics


Re: As fans on the expanded universe know...

It happens in this trilogy of books, all the Thrawn books written by Timothy Zahn are excellent in my opinion.


Top ten car gadgets: Get your motor running with new shiny-shiny


Re: Brodit device mounts - seriously wonderful

Even cheaper I have the osmand+ app on my phone. About 6 quid and you can download any map you want. Granted as it's open source so not all countries are complete but it got me 2000 miles round europe on my motorbike. Imports from google maps easy once converted to gpx. If you are a biker worth looking up the So Easy Rider v5, it lets you velcro your phone or sat nav onto your handle bars, works a treat. Also works on mountain bikes!

Powershell terminal sucks. Is there a better choice?


I like Power GUI (Quest/Dell) as I like the way you get the extra window showing variables and their contents, I find it helpful to expand object properties especially when the an object nests layers.

Technology is murdering customer service - legally

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Re: Do I have to talk to someone

You're not alone, in fact I'm so glad to read I'm not alone in feeling like this! I hate calling people too. Partly I think it's cos I feel like I'm about to waste at least half an hour of my life answering retarded questions from a script instead of getting straight to the issue because they have to cater for the majority of idiots... Maybe companies should register your IQ so when you call you get different support options!

Microsoft's new CEO: The technology isn't his problem


Re: Exchange, first usable spreadsheet, NT

I have done a largish migration from Domino/Notes to Exchange/Outlook so genuinely interested in what makes you say Exchange is evil?

Cameron: UK public is fine with domestic spying


The comments from Cameron seem to just prove that the majority of people are either too apathetic or not intelligent enough to have an opinion on it. So it would seem we need an enlightened hero to make a stand. At least some of the media are giving it a try even if it feels a bit self serving.

Sega’s Out Run: Even better than the wheel thing


Re: Splash Wave. Yes.

I have a mate at work who has a few arcade cabinets at home, he invited me to a retro game party a few months ago where they had an original stand up Outrun as well as many other classics. My night was made up when I had several goes on an original Star Wars arcade machine, it had only been fixed that week. Apparently the explosion when you destroy the death star causes havoc with the monitor as it is so bright combined with the way the 3D style graphics are drawn!

Microsoft's licence riddles give Linux and pals a free ride to virtual domination


Re: Easy

Datecenter edition licenses are a good option if your budget can cover them. It would make sense in a green field or an large enterprise. I have always worked in mid sized companies where projects are deploying a handful to a dozen servers at a time. The way the budgets are done just won't allow the huge expense of Datacenter edition for an entire cluster. When I first deployed ESX for a large(ish) VMware cluster to replace an all physical data centre we still re-used the existing licenses as we virtualised. In the long run you end up paying over the odds as Standard (or in the past Enterprise) versions are bought piecemeal, which MS must be well aware of and happy about!

The unsung heroes of the networking team: Who appreciates you?


I've found the network guys seem able to baffle everyone that they are dealing incomprehensible magic whilst us ops guys are just doing the commodity stuff that anyone can do... However I'll side with networks guys as the apps guys are always getting smoke blown up their arse!

Spotify strikes back at Radiohead - but artists are still angry


@AC I doubt the artists were paid fairly, remember the Stone Roses being screwed out of CD royalties? The big corporations will always screw everyone and most musicians are too passionate and/or desperate about wanting to play. For me that's the real issue rather than Spotify.

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