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VCs take a nasty cold bath on Drobo deal, leave Barrall 'delighted'

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drobos actually do work fine

hi drobo's actually do work fine.

it's always a bit sad to hear if othes had some problems, but ive got 3 myself and they are great.

the original drobo units came down to about £300 with extras too but very hard to find now

try not to be put off by a tiny amout of negatives though, because all products by any maker can have some issues from time to time, and usually it's mainly the users experiencing problems (unfortunately) who make more effort to comment about their not-so-good experiences.

best results for drobos seem to be with the usb direct attached units (and windows) because apple o/s updates seem to keep breaking devices/drivers etc, but there are lots of happy mac users too.

more info: search for Raoul Pop (drobo reviews) and more pics/vids, and drobospace forums for comments, questions and answers etc, especially if you have one - were a good bunch at heart. :o)



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