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Forget YouTube – meet ChewTube: Strangers watching millennials eat

Black Rat

What's next, blackhead squeezing?... oh wait

Visiting America? US border agents want your Twitter, Facebook URLs

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My social network account is on a slate behind the bar of the White Hart.

Patriotic Brits rush into streets to celebrate… National Cream Tea Day

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Big Brother

Re: blown my savings on cake

Having cake will be the least of your worries.Two tech geeks in the UK currently between jobs were investigated by the DWP a few months ago because of bizarre tip off...

"We have received information that there are an unusual number of computers in the house"

Not the Inland Revenue with a discrepancy or police intelligence just a nosey neighbour who saw a five screen flight simulator through the window and had a paranoia overload.

Doctor Who: Oh, look! There's a restaurant at the end of the universe in Hell Bent

Black Rat

I am Ashildr's heir. Fight for me and I

will hold your oath fulfilled. What say you?

I know it's supposed to be Isildur but the pronunciation is to close to be mere chance.

Brit hardware hacker turns Raspberry Pi Zeros into selfie slayers

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Re: Been Done

You know... manipulating the image itself would be so much more fun.

UK.gov chucks another £260m at MOOC-based cyber security training

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Paris Hilton

Cyber Supplier to HMG

promote take up of a "Cyber Supplier to HMG‟ badge which companies that supply cyber products and services to Government

Paris naturally

Alarming tales: What goes on INSIDE Reg hack's hi-tech bedroom

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Re: Best alarm clock

AWAKE at the quietest whine..

or the tapping of nails of the kitchen floor

and tentatively touching dark lumps on the floor with an outstreched big toe trying to figure if it's a sock, a toy, half eaten dog chew or something unpleasantly squishy on the way to let them out. Illuminated only by the intermittant glow of the wifes mobile phone flasing to say she's got mail.

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Re: All hail the mighty teasmade!!!

Am glad to know I'm not the only one with a soft spot for a Goblin. My 'Swift' was a real lifesaver in my shared house student digs.

FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS: Microsoft faces prising XP from Big Biz

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Embrace the inner Trekkie

Let's face it, few people are going to be happy with a touch screen interface until it looks (& works) like LCARS.

Snowden: 'I have data on EVERY NSA operation against China'

Black Rat

In next weeks thrilling installment..

Snowden will claim to have the proof that Gary McKinnon was onto something big.

Screw Internet-of-Things: Boffins build Internet-of-Sound UNDERWATER

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Sounds familiar

TCP/IP with bongo drums (circa 2002) http://eagle.auc.ca/~dreid/ and seems to crop up every five years since.

Around this time the USNavy was also experimenting with 'stealthy' active sonar* and incurring the wrath of various enviromental groups http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/10/1008_031008_whalebends_2.html

* Instead of going 'ping' and listening for the echo the vessel replays natural ocean sounds eg: dolphin clicks, whalesong, surf noise and iceberg fizzing.

Mac fans: You don't need Windows to get ripped off in tech support scams

Black Rat

Spam HandlIng Therapy

Your inglish is awful, please be speaking Hindi. Usually gives phenomenal results.

but if they are persistant there's always this...

Wrong department, you need to call this number .... 020 7632 3035 or

020 7664 9274 [ because nothing says "screw you" better than a diplomatic incident ]

Control panel backdoor found in D-Link home routers

Black Rat

Post your IP address, somebody will contact you.. :}

Biometrics not so trustworthy: False Samsung stock-pump buy draws Swedish cops

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Paris Hilton

Swedish Stock Pump

I see what you did there..

GTA players get ersatz $0.5m each to make up for delayed hooker-beating fulfilment

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Re: I offended an acquaintance ...

Oh chuffin brilliant.. How long before RockStar starts divulging (or selling) players psych profiles to interested parties?

Easily picked CD-ROM drive locks let Mexican banditos nick ATM cash

Black Rat

Meanwhile on YouTube,,

Check out the recent DEFCON presentations about "JackPotting" certain varieties of stand-alone ATM machines typically found in conveniance stores, gas stations & bars. The speed of the intial hands on hack to compromise the machine simply beggars belief.

Canadian operator EasyDNS stands firm against London cops

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Musings of a web scraper

I wonder if TorrentPond and the numerous similiar sites are using data provided by Googles cache or Custom Search service rather than harvesting the links using it's own scripts?

21st Century Elite remake to support Oculus Rift virtual reality rig

Black Rat

*Blue Danube starts playing*

Takes me right back to Leetsi & Diso

Japan needs 80,000 EXTRA info-security bods to stay safe

Black Rat

Lateral Logic

If a networks security had a GUI with the look & feel of a MMORPG then the 80K+ cyber mercenaries required would not only train themselves but would probably pay for the priveliege of combat.

Cambridge withdraws from World Solar Challenge

Black Rat

Trial by fire

Sure things are going to go wrong but that's the whole purpose of the race, to expose weaknesses in the design or technology. Personally I wish the CUER team was out scrounging tubes of epoxy and a steering damper rather than figuring out when the next bus home is.

Yo, mall rats: Facebook and Cisco in Wi-Fi hookup to track your retail, social life

Black Rat

Re: Which is my best profile?

This month I'll be logging into 'The Cloud' wifi network with the name.. Dr Anton Phibes

Beat this, cloud giants! Musk rocket flings 1TB hard drive into SPAAACE

Black Rat

I wonder..

With folk able to move files about and control the system from anywhere on the planet.

I wonder how the cops would sieze an orbiting data centre if they suspected piracy ?

LIVE, my beauty, LIVE! Nokia revives dead phone with LIGHTNING powered Frankencharger

Black Rat

Money for old rope

A circuit diagram to do this appeared in Practical Electronics over 20 years ago.

Would you hire a hacker to run your security? 'Yes' say Brit IT bosses

Black Rat

An Experiment for All

Next lunch-time wander around your nearest Industrial estate looking for WEP hotspots. (no special tools required just a smartphone with WiFi)

When you find one go knock on their door and tell them how insecure it is. (for those still not aware it takes less than five minutes to slice through WEP encryption under optimun conditions)

Posibble responces:

1. "Yeah whatever", "We'll tell the IT guy", "That's Bullsh#t"

2. "Stay there, I'm calling the police"

3. "Thanks!, can you tell us how to secure our WiFi ?"

4. "Can you prove it !?"

However.. I should warn you all...

nobody has ever said Thankyou to me yet when conducting this experiment and outcome 4 is particulary rare from my experience.

NSA in new SHOCK 'can see public data' SCANDAL!

Black Rat

Re: Free intelligence

" ...free material from social media providers? They'd be mad to pass it up... "

Understanding the data however is a three edged sword: your side, their side, and the truth. One wonders how often does a lie need to be repeated across the internet before agents are dispatched to investigate?

RADIATION SNATCHED from leaky microwave ovens to power gadgets

Black Rat

Feeling mischievous?

I wonder if you could convince people they can charge their phone by putting it inside a microwave oven?

F-16 fighter converted to drone

Black Rat

Re: And the first step towards Skynet has been taken..

Hyperbole? In the event of direct command/control signal loss, degredation or deliberate interference some elements such as basic flight controls & navigation will have to be capable of autonomous operation till the human can be re-inserted back into the loop. From a military viewpoint it would also make sense that the aircraft be able to defend itself during this vulnerable period. It's not a great leap from that to letting it fly the complete mission by itself.

LinkedIn fires back against 'hack-and-spam' US class-action sue bomb

Black Rat

Colour Me Curious

LinkedIn 'grows your contacts' by mailing people that you already know...

By what stretch of credulaty is that networking ?

I'll get my coat, it's got the business cards in the pocket.

Firms fined $350,000 after yogurt sting uncovers review rigging

Black Rat

On the plus side..

I'm now really looking forward to speaking with the next muppet offering me SEO services.

Google tries putting an NFC ring on it: Bonking will keep you SAFE

Black Rat

Re: We had to put down 6 mice

Did you not get the memo about keeping their balls clean?

BBC releases MYSTERY RIDDLE poster for Doctor Who anniversary episode

Black Rat

Spins the Plot-o-matic wheel...

If ... Davros was a failed genetic experiment to clone our favourite time-lord it could could fit the Whovian lore.

400 million Chinese people can't speak Chinese: Official

Black Rat

Lìngrén jingyì!

"Earth will eventually end up speaking an unholy mix of English, Chinese Mandarin and Spanish – with a soupçon of Portuguese, Russian, Hindi and Javanese thrown in for good measure"

Cool, sort of BladeRunner meets Firefly

IRON MAN MUSK: Elon reveals Tony Stark-style 3D design smarts

Black Rat

3D Titanium printer

The waving of hands is just a distraction ask any magician. as for that 3D metal printer now that's the real trick.

US military: 'Help us build the ROBO-WARFIGHTER OF THE FUTURE'

Black Rat

Man Down

Do I shout 'Medic' or 'Mechanic' ?

US gov preps sale of TOP SECRET disease research island

Black Rat


How to get a 747 into orbit and beyond is actually documented in Harry Harrison's book "Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers" ... thinly disguised as pulp sci-fi so as not to alarm those of a nervous disposition.

Boffins lay bare exotic Lara Croft meteorite element ununpentium

Black Rat

Meanwhile back at the lab..

No! we are not going to call it Roswellium

'Symbolic' Grauniad drive-smash was not just a storage fail

Black Rat

Offered: Pemex Memory Doubler

Unwanted gift, used only once...

US court rules IP address cloaks may break law

Black Rat

Probably Crap Code

Other folk around the web manage to scrape sites larger than craiglist without incurring the wrath of the owners so one does have to wonder about the elegance of the code created by 3Taps.

IT now 10 percent of world's electricity consumption, report finds

Black Rat

Re: Only half the equation

Are you suggesting we should stop using spare capacity to brute-force passwords and mine bit-coins on the company hardware after hours?

Bug-finder chucked for posting to Zuck

Black Rat

Pay the guy!

What we appear to have here is a simple failure to communicate not malicious intent, pay the guy!

Google goes dark for 2 minutes, kills 40% of world's net traffic

Black Rat

Somewhere in a darkend room..

a hacker is feeling both elation and a strong desire to change their underwear, identity and town.

UK.gov intros shiny CREST badge for cyber crime-scene cleanup squad

Black Rat

Only in England..

Tea & sympathy with a bucket of hindsight are not what I need.

Elon Musk unveils Hyperloop – the subsonic tube of tomorrow

Black Rat

Re: Sounds a lot like the Transit Tubes...

Close but no cigar for the Brunell reference.. try this


Mobe-slurping Wi-Fi SPY BINS banned from London's streets

Black Rat

Re: ...high-tech rubbish cans - which *display adverts*...

Why waste the bullets?

Just wait till somebody hacks into a bin getting it to display smut and let the lynch mob do the rest.

100,000+ Earthlings star in 'reality TV contest' for ONE-WAY ticket to MARS

Black Rat

Food for thought

Media whoring & trolling aside the idea is technically sound. Four autonomous 'biobots' would be more versatile than their mechanical counterparts, plus they can be recycled as plant food for the next crew.

Transdimensional rift appears above Australian bolt supplier

Black Rat

As I suspected..

there's something fundamentally worng with the universe

mines the one with the tin-foil in the pocket

Bad timing: New HTML5 trickery lets hackers silently spy on browsers

Black Rat

This will be interesting..

after all it took almost ten years before the original CSS history hack was finally patched across all mainstream browsers.

Exposed: RSPCA drills into cops' databases, harvests private info

Black Rat

"or find a charity that actually spends it's money on looking after animals"

Good luck with that, for several years I was employed by a direct mailing company that specialised in fundraising for charity. Time after time I was told the clients had no images of recently rescued animals for use on the flyers and was told in no uncertian terms by my employer to go grab a camera then find any fly bitten pony.

Plods probe death threat tweets to MP - but who will rid us of terrible trolls?

Black Rat

Re: special privileges

Indeed why? my wife helps moderate on a website with a large community and routinely recieves vile communications of the nature seen in the news this week from persons who are clearly disturbed and in need of professional help, yet her complaints fall on deaf ears.

Hey, Silicon Valley milky drink fans: Starbucks intros wireless charging

Black Rat

Re: Almost there ...

Hell, I would be happier to bring my own coffee..


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