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Buying a Chromebook? Don't forget to check that best-before date


Re: No problem!

Thanks for the tip! I've noticed there are a few Chrome OS alternatives out there. My 6.5 year old Acer is still great. Microsoft let people have Windows 10 updates for longer than that, if you can stand the many hours it takes to install the 6 monthly refreshes on a 1st generation core i3 lappy for instance.

Apple reseller Solutions Inc pulls down shutters, calls in administrators


It's very sad but you have to sell a lot of apples to make a bean.

It was a lit CeBIT see, got teeny weeny, world's biggest tech show yearly party... closed its German fest's doors yesterday


The fat lady must have sung. I went a couple of times in the 90s before internet had really taken off. I remember sitting next to a veternan on the plane going out there. He was fairly dismissive of the thing even back them. It was amazing to see the vast number of vendors and the sheer size of the event. Many of those exhibiting back then have bitten the dust. New vendors have risen up but is there the buzz about the industry that there was back then? Not really. It will take some utterly new marvels to stir up the interest again.

Boring as she goes at Sage? Oh no, no, no! Shares slide as sales slip below forecasts


Re: Perhaps...?

Well said. Folks who use cloud for vital business need their heads examining of course. Yesterday a customer told be that his firm was without internet for 10 days recently when BT cables were damaged. This was on an industrial estate in a large town 10km outside the M25. The temptation to follow the endless trend to de-skill everything with technologies like cloud is very powerful. The service providers always cover up the pitfalls. Caveat emptor.

There are 10 types of people in the world, but there is only one Melvyn


Baron Bragg is cool. If I have 1/2 a brain cell left should I reach his age I'll count myself lucky. Was his screenplay for Michael Caine's Play Dirty film in 1969 any good though?

Five things you need to know about Microsoft's looming Windows 10 Spring Creators Update


Chromebook: updates in under 5 minutes, Excellent value and generally still a joy to use 5 years after purchase.

Meltdown, Spectre: The password theft bugs at the heart of Intel CPUs


I have installed KB4056892 on 2 Windows 10 PCs, a Core i3 2nd Gen and a 4th Gen. Both show about a 20% slowdown running Octane 2.0. Is this a last ditch attempt by Intel to sell us all a new CPU :)

Intel CEO Krzanich quits Trump's Manufacturing Council over response to Charlottesville rallies


Well done Mr. Krzanich. He is setting a very good example.

Brit prosecutors ask IT suppliers to fight over £3 USB cable tender


Ah yes Basware Holdings Ltd. (formerly Procserve Services Ltd.and some thing to do with the PA Consultancy) run this portal for bits and bobs of government purchasing to give the appearance of opening up the process to smaller resellers and maybe saving the taxpayer a few quid. It is a bit daft really.

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft


Installed Creators Update here using Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant on to a 4th Gen and a 2nd Gen Core i3 desktop plus a 1st gen Core i-3 lappy and they all work very nicely. Compared with the bad old days when every Windows upgrade was a guaranteed waste of time it's a whole lot better now!

Are you listening, Mr Trump? World's largest tech distie is now owned by the Chinese


Apart from the software most of the stuff Ingram sell is made in China anyway.

Sage advice: Avoid the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – it knackers our accounting app


Re: The important Win7 patch folks is KB3172605.

Good comment. I gave up on Win 7 for that very reason, the updates took forever. I suspect they prioritise PCs that have more recent CPUs. Not sure if that's my paranoia or not. Definitely Sage were always pestering me to buy their pricey upgrade so that it would work with Win 8. Of course I never bothered with that and their old version works fine with Win 10 both with and without the happy anniversary update.

'Faceless' Liberty Global has 'sucked the very soul' out of Virgin Media


Change at VM Long Overdue

If ever there was a company that had an over inflated opinion of itself it was VM. Sorry the service was not good enough for me on their unreliable fibre optic broadband. In this area you often see aged Telco street cabinets with doors flapping in the breeze. Invariably they are VM's. After they have been told about 6 times they fix them. Trouble is VM's funny old co-ax to the premises is just as flakey as BT's copper wire.

Android's latest patches once again remind us: It's Nexus or bust if you want decent security


For those that care Cyanogenmod is still good for security updates, even for Kitkat on an ancient 1st generation Galaxy Tab - if you don't mind slow and heavy!

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU


Ghastly Mess

What I ghastly mess. I hope those who voted to leave realise soon that they made the WRONG choice.

Fleet of 4.77MHz LCD laptops with 8088 CPUs still alive after 30 years


NEC's Rival

Reminds me NEC had a similar machine back then. The NEC did not have the floppy drive (pricey item back then). It ran CP/M not the trendy MS-DOS (CP/M with floppy was a nightmare, people made a living transferring CP/M data from one manufacturer's floppy drive format to another and there were loads of them!). With the NEC you just squirted the data down the serial port. NEC used a smaller screen I think. The NEC keyboard was nice but not quiet so not good in meetings. It was a sought after bargain laptop at Morgan Computer in the wild west end :)

Server retired after 18 years and ten months – beat that, readers!


Good To See So Many Comments...

...the modern gear has no mystique, if that's the right word.


HSBC COO ‘profoundly apologises’ for online outage



They've fixed it. Some card (not me) tweeted: have they tried switching the system off and then on again?? :)

Day 2: Millions of HSBC customers still locked out of online banking



IT: flakey, always has been...

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back


I have the big Win 10 Pro upgrade invite plastered on the Windows 7 Update thing for the past week. I tried it on 2 machines and it did not work very well. This morning the invite is not there when I go to Windows Update. Interesting.

'Major' outage at Plusnet borks Brits' browsing, irate folk finger DNS


Plusnet have done this before, 6th May 2009 to be precise. When I spoke to their tech people that was the 1st time I heard the term flapping DNS. They advised me to use OpenDNS which I have found to be very good.

C For Hell: Data centre meltdown for irate customers as C4L GOES TITSUP


The hosting firm that I use uses C4L. I was not aware of them until it went wrong. Never heard of a NOC in my life. I still have no idea what BFD/100G issues are. What a clever world we live in.

Snoopers' Charter queen Theresa May returns to Home Office brief


We observed Kelly. George Osborne's lips are waffer thin.

Redmond's Patch Tuesday to kill off the Windows FREAK show


2 reboots for Win7 yes. And did anyone else get these important security updates failing: KB2676562, KB2871997, KB2872339, KB3011780, KB3004375, KB3031432 and this recommended security update KB2882822, all with error code 80090017 sad day?

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Did You Expect Anything Else?

Well done. Keep experimenting. live adventurously. Tech is so BLOODY BORING now something has to be done!!!!

Brit IT industry comes up for air after recession


Fall In Rate Of Insolvencies

Another reason for the drop in insolvencies is that interest rates have been at historic low rates for many years. How much longer? Who knows but one day rates will rise and everyone who has debts will wish they had paid them off.

Virgin Media goes titsup AGAIN. The cause? Yet MORE DNS strife


VM have never been able to run a reliable ISP business. One obvious indication of the amount of effort they put in is the number of kerbside cabinets of theirs that have the front panel hanging off with the wiring exposed. Been like that for years and year.

Brit celebs' homes VANISH from Google's Street View


Jimmy Page's interesting house in Kensington next to where the late Michael Winner lived (anybody remember the amusing Stella Street show on telly?) is clearly visible at a discrete distance on streetview. However streetview does whizz us past the front now. Lovely house. Maybe when it changes hands we will be able take a closer look again.

Microsoft fears XP could cause Indian BANKOCALYPSE



Barclays Bank in the UK still runs Win XP

Microsoft waves goodbye to Small Business Server


What's wrong with WS2012E

I'm interested. What is wrong with WS2012E as a replacement for SBS? I ditched SBS2003 R2 anticipating the end of support some time and replaced it with WS2012E and it seems fine. I don't do anything fancy with it and avoid cloud like the plague. WS2012E seems fine to me. Am I missing something?


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