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Top 10 SSDs: Price, performance and capacity


Any of these ok for a proliant

I've got a couple of proliant G6s with 2.5" drives in the standard caddies. Don't need very high resilience and I do use raid 0 mirroring. Would need more than the 146Gb that's currently installed. Can anyone who knows more about this than I do tell me if one of these ten would suit me? (Obviously if have to buy two for the mirroring.)

F1? No, it's Formula E as electric racing cars hit the track


Re: Battery Times

Nice to see a couple of facts. I wonder why they don't make a battery change part of the pit stop rather than changing car. This would make the race a better model for the real world and add a bit of impetus to the drive for quick battery swap technology.

'We don't use UPS. If we did we'd have huge UPSs and tiny computers'


Piggybacking on the hospitals supply doesn't sound a very moral position

“That said, we've always been very lucky with power around this area … it might be because of our proximity to [Melbourne] hospitals.”

Whether or not they have their own generators, the power company is going to be unwilling to cut the the hospitals off and clearly VLSCI are playing on this.

They should be paying for their own supply insurance if they need it, which clearly they do. The UPSs or whatever don't actually need to be sited right next to the machines, but the should be there and cooled. And the power company should be investing in a separate circuit so that the VLSCI can be cut off if that's what needs to happen.

Bill Gates again world's richest, tops in US for 20th straight year


Re: still better at making it than giving it away

He (and his wife Melinda) might not be giving away the money as fast as he's earning it, but whenever I've noticed how it's being spent, they seem to be doing quite a good job.

They've spent, I think, on mosquito nets for malaria and on childhood diarrhea in Africa, both, I'd say quite effective...

And I think I noticed that Melinda was putting money / effort into the most effective way of reducing the misery of malnutrition - and that is contraception. Most governments don't seem able to cross into that particular taboo territory.

And then... if you say they aren't giving away their money effectively, perhaps you'd like to suggest some one who's achieving more through their charity.

Getting worried, Assange? WikiLeaks spaffs out 'insurance' info


390 Gb of spam

Just a guess - this is a backup copy of one of those horrible MS Exchange Server back end files. This is about the size they get when the email system they support starts to grind to a halt and the system admin guys are called in.

If that is the case, it will contain mostly spam. But there may be important emails too.


Dead Man's Handle

I would not be surprised to learn in a few days time that the instructions to open this box of "stuff" will be released automatically if someone does not log in to some special little cloud-based app that's currently keeping them secret. So if the preset time passes and no login - tweet - and thre are the instructions and password.

In this way, Snowden and Assange hope to guarantee themselves private internet access where ever they end up.

Microsoft lathers up Windows 8.0 Surface RT for quick price shave


Calling all shavers

A "shave" perfected in the Sweeny Todd school of personal care might what's really needed here.

UK Post Office admits false accusations after computer system cockup


Re: No systemic problem?

For anyone who has lost a house, business, or their good name, a substantial damages claim is in order here. A refund doesn't even come close to being an adequate response. I should expect claims to be in the order of half a million each.

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