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ALIEN BODY FOUND ON MARS: Curiosity rover snaps extraterrestrial

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It's a pic from a notherfucking planet!


> I never cease to be amazed that I'm looking at photos taken on another f-ing planet!

I still feel that way every time I see an Apollo photo of the grey dirt and boulders. THAT'S THE *MOON* — the one in the sky, which is the same colour grey!

As far as the 21st-century, yes I can't get over that, either. We're in The Future, and every single thing from the '64 World's Fair came true.

It's like The Jetsons, except with unlimited porn substituted for flying cars.

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sexiest astrophysicist you'll ever see naked

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Re: Where is Deja Thoris when you need her?


> this is a family-friendly publication!!

You must be reading a different publication.

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Re: Don't mean to be a cynic but...

If there was EVER an oxygen atmosphere on Mars, it would still be there. But there is essentially none in the nearly-pure CO2 air.

Do YOU work at Microsoft? Um. Are you SURE about that?

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microsoft's big mistake

Here's Microsoft's problem:

They try to do what's best for Microsoft instead of doing what would make their customers happy.

But that's not their mistake.

Their mistake is thinking there's a difference.

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sexiest astrophysicist you'll ever see naked

Get ready for LAYOFFS: Nadella's coma-inducing memo, with subtitles

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Re: We are a Devices and Services company


...And giving NSA unlimited access to their servers, and letting them see everyone's unencrypted hotmail, and backdooring all their products for the government—all without complaining. See, there's no money in complaining about the NSA like the guy who shut his secure email server down rather than help the spies.

Remaining Snowden docs will be released to avert 'unspecified US war' – ‪Cryptome‬

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nuke NY effect? Wrong.


> "If Jihadis nuke a western city then I fucking promise you that we will expunge those fuckers from the planet."

Oh that were the case, my angry little warmonger! But alas, it will not be so. Not as long as Obama runs this circus.

He will publicly disapprove of the nuking of NY in no uncertain terms, then assure us that his harsh words will get the suicidal insaniacs to see the error of their ways, lay down their arms, and with a tear in their eye, join hands with him across the Table of Brotherhood so that we may, together, build a new future for all the Children of the Earth.

He's not only a campaign-liar; he's also criminally naive and totally ineffective.

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sexiest astrophysicist you'll ever see naked

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The NSA abused the privilege of "we won't tell you, but trust us". Now they will get it taken away for a while.

If America's reputation is damaged by the truth, then they deserve it. (I live here, BTW). Hopefully, one final, huge docs-infomation explosion will reign in the bastards and force the politicians to move their attention away from the bribery trough and towards passing restrictions on the NSA. The spooks will have shamed this country in the face of the world for the last time.

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> The right of the citizens to know what's up has to be balanced against the right of state to keep things secret

Sorry, the NSA abused the privilege of "we won't tell you, but trust us". Now they will get it taken away for a while.

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Boeing to start work on most powerful rocket ... EVER!

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>" NASA last held a CDR"

You need to tell us what a CDR is.

Microsoft tests HALF-INCH second screen to spur workplace play

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forget it, MS


Looks like another Ballmer idea. NO ONE will buy this.

Snowden defends mega spy blab: 'Public affairs have to be known by the public'

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Ayn Rand and the world you want


The intelligent position is that the country ought to be run as a functioning SYSTEM rather than as a permanently-unstable, vicious jungle based on people fighting, duplicating efforts, treating customers as rubes to be fooled, and sabotaging each other on Amazon reviews.

Crazy homeless people shouldn't wander through our cities talking to themselves. Old people shouldn't have to eat dog food because their pension was stolen by the rich guy who owns the company. Little kids shouldn't suffer and die from easily preventable diseases. No child should be denied a free, quality education. But all these things are okay with you. Multimillionaires paying a smaller tax rate than everyone else is still "socialist looting" to you. Look up "market failure" in Wikipedia. It's the filthy secret that you crapitalists sweep under the rug.

The rich aren't Noble Creators of Value like Howard Roark, they're parasitic billionaires who buy undervalued businesses, fire all the employees, destroy the company, and absorb the worth of the wreckage. They didn't produce wealth; they stole it from everyone else and destroyed lives while producing exactly NOTHING. When the hardworking people who lost their jobs can't pay rent and are thrown out in the street, that's OKAY with you because it's all "free enterprise."

Businessmen are not Hank Rearden, Wealth-Producing Captains of Industry, they're the Worldcom and Enron scum who lie to their shareholders, employees, and customers as their mismanaged empire collapses. They're the S&Ls who knowingly make bad loans which they sell to the government. They're the Wall Street coke-heads who gamble away the entire U.S. economy through their psychotic greed and plunge the whole world into economic ruin. They're the companies that conspire together to keep prices high rather than compete. They're McDonalds buying the Roy Rogers chain so they can close all the stores and deny everyone real roast beef sandwiches at the same price as McDonalds' horse meat. They're the drug companies that charge Americans three times as much as Canadians because they bribe politicians. Galt's Gulch is where banks fu ck up, then suddenly become socialists with their hands out for free money which they stuff in their pockets as million-dollar bonuses for doing such a good job.

That's your "free enterprise."

Innovation? Bill Gates is a nice guy, but he didn't do anything worth 50 thousand million dollars. He just bought an operating system from someone else and licensed it to IBM right before the microprocessor explosion, which he did nothing to cause. It was one contract and LUCK. But Gates could walk from Redmond to Miami, laying dollar bills end-to-end, then turn around and walk back, laying down TEN dollar bills. This, while little kids go to school hungry every morning and old people freeze to death.

If the government hadn't made Ford and GM install seat belts and safety glass, there still wouldn't be any today. People die horribly because a drunk hits them head-on? You don't care, because selfishness is a virtue!

No, ruthless, selfish, Gordon Gecko lizard Ferengi, greed is NOT "good." COMPASSION is good. Helping feeble old people is good. Basic science research is good. Public libraries are good. Exploring space is good. Providing medicine for suffering crazy people is good.

Preventing mass disease is good. Emergency rooms that don't turn anyone away are good. Public education is good.

Single-source neighborhood trash pickup with standardized bins is cheaper, more efficient, and less disruptive of the neighborhood than making everyone find their own (or failing to). But it's socialist interference with citizens who pay more but are FREE to live with loud trucks every day and festering trash strewn everywhere from dented, uncovered garbage cans.

Taxpayer-financed free highways are MUCH easier for drivers, and cheaper since there is no toll infrastructure to continuously pay for and no rich guy pocketing the unnecessary tolls for all eternity. But if you had your way, all land would be privately owned with a toll booth at every corner. That happens when you fail to operating the system as a system.

Extorting $80,000 for the shot that cures fatal Hepatitis C is bad. A government lab should have created the cure and given it to everyone with the disease. That's running the country as a coherent SYSTEM rather than letting everything fall into the polluted, chaotic suffering of economic fistfights, where the goal is to make the cheapest, sleaziest products you can, then snatch every single dollar you see from everyone you can strongarm, fool or extort.

People like you want to make the country like in Soylent Green. That's perfectly okay with you and your friends, as long as your house has an electric fence and someone keeps you in strawberries.

You, greed, and crapitalism are EVIL; and society is evolving away from it. Ayn Rand told her followers to smoke because it symbolizes man's conquering of nature (fire). She said that all that "cancer" stuff was lying government propaganda to scare voters and senators into passing socialized medicine (Medicare). She died a bitter, angry old woman, alone in her apartment, of lung cancer.

Ayn Rand was WRONG, and now, you're wrong.

Hurry up and die, pig.

--faye kane ♀ girl brain

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self-delusional loudmouth


You make the same error as Ayn Rand—confusing "smart" with "greedy." I imagine you believe your own bullsh it, but I know it is not true.

Per 5 hours of psychometric tests, I am smarter than 99.94 percent of the people. I am definitely a socialist. All my smart friends (maybe 10) except one is a Liberal and about half are socialists. Two don't want to think about it. Go to any college not run by retards (like Falwell) or that have an agenda to push (like the LDS college), and you'll find that an overwhelming percentage of the professors are Liberals and many I've met are socialists (whether they use that word or not).

And if by "socialist" you mean, for instance, universal health care, I'd wager that virtually ALL college professors are "socialists." Every civilized country but the US and Burma have universal healthcare: it costs half as much when you cut out the insurance companies, the care has been shown to be better in study after study, and the other countries all wonder why America still clings to inefficient, adversarial healthcare financing in which only the rich get what everyone deserves and which society can afford.

The only way the repiglican party even manages to still exist is through a massive, cynical lies campaign by the rich via Faux News and AM radio (e.g., death panels), aimed specifically at American dimwits.

► The stupid people in this country are nearly ALL repuglican, just like almost all the intellectuals are Liberals.

Go ahead, don't respond to that, arrogant self-deluding loudmouth. Continue to believe that only dummies are liberal and smart people are all right-wing. Believing things that aren't true leads one to fu ck up, to make choices that don't yield the intended result, and I'd like very much for you to do that.

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Snowden deserves the Nobel Peace prize

Disingenuous, false-analogy, NSA bast ard!

The "war on terrorism" is like the "war on drugs:" unnecessary, politically-motivated bullsh it. There is no "Normandy invasion" that Snowden damaged.

All he did was tell us that you record all our Google searches, record where we are every day, all the time using our cell phones, record everything we say online, keep records of everyone we call on the telephone, and inject spyware viruses into our computers.

I also happen to know that you that you read every one of our emails with a computer and analyze it t see if we say anything "interesting" to the government. I know because I did work in natural language recognition and I was almost hired to reduce the flood of false positives forwarded to your human secret agents. The guy who interviewed me took me to a bar that night, got real drunk, talked too much while bragging about his work, and wanted to fu ck me. (He could have, if he had been direct about it and not so drunk. Any man can do literally anything he wants to me).

After ten years of this illegal outrage, not a single terrorist has been stopped.

That's not "Normandy," assh ole. That's unconstitutional domestic spying. You people belong in PRISON.

Tell the NSA disinformation section to try harder.

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Re: jail sentence


The votes on your post are 6 for, 25 against.

And the 6 votes were the other NSA spooks who are here to spin hate against the guy who should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Fu ck you.

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TIME TRAVEL TEST finds black holes needed to make photons flit

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So you publish an article with "TIME TRAVEL TEST" in caps, but there's no time travel and no test of anything. It's just the same speculative sci-fi BULL sh it about closed timelike curves I've read about for decades.

This isn't the droids I'm looking for.

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Sexiest astrophysicist you'll ever see naked

Google me. Google me HARD.

D-Link hole-prober finds 'backdoor' in Chinese wireless routers

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Re: Backdoor? @codeusirae

Nope, it was on purpose, to implement an attack on the west in the future.

Would a programmer use the string "w302r_mfg" or something that didn't involve using the Shift key to type, like his dog's name.

Also, "manufacturing" is an English word. They used that string for plausible deniability. I think that's why the backdoor only works from inside the LAN. Outside would be way suspicious and my guess is that they can already break into millions of home LANs through the user PCs. Another column said that the red chinee have stacked up dozens of vulnerabilities.

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Sexiest astrophysicist you'll ever see naked

Surface RT: A plan worthy of the South Park Underpants Gnomes

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Re: They scoffed when Bob called 2013 Microsofts year of hell


> lots of people do seem interested in the Pro tablet, in the business world

The incompetent IT managers who will buy a Microsoft tab instead of an Android are the same people who leased a sys/360 instead of a Univac 1108. They knew they were out of their league in their job, and figured "nobody gets fired for choosing IBM. Plus what the hell, it;'s not MY money."

Microsoft, who you work for, is going exactly down the same road as IBM, for the same reason: corporate arrogance. "You have to buy our $1,000 IBM modems instead of $100 ones from Ingram because otherwise we won't repair your IBM mainframe."

Ballmer could have said that.


Microsoft biz heads slash makes Ballmer look like dead STEVE JOBS

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Paris Hilton

Ballmer's an overundulged, peter-unprincipled, marketing-major frat boy


> If they think that Windows Server + Metro Start screen is going to be accepted; they are completely deluded idiots

THEY aren't deluded idiots; HE is a deluded idiot. He's a run-of-the-mill marketing guy who woke up one morning as the CEO. While driving to work, he thought "gee, if people saw the same simpleminded interface on their PC as we put on our telephones, then when they go to buy a telephone, they'll want one of ours because it looks like the same blocky screen they use at work!"

Later that day, when he unveils his new "vision of the future", a soon-to-be fired manager asks, "What about the users? They'll hate it! They'll prefer the functional, pc-centric interface we've developed over 30 years."

"SCREW the users!" [bangs fist on conference table] "They are locked in to windows! They have to buy what we give them!" [throws chair]

Ballmer sees it as obvious that he should do what's best for MICROSOFT, not what's best for his customers. That beguiling reasoning is poisoned by greed. It blinds bad managers because it's logical. But the problem isn't that Ballmer wants what's good for the company instead of what's good for the customers.

► The problem is that he thinks there's a difference.

(If there really IS a difference, then managers need to be fired). This psychosis only affects big corporations. Every mom 'n pop bakery store knows that you only bake cookies which people want to eat. You don't put fish heads on them even if you also own the seafood restaurant next door.

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sexiest astrophysicist you'll ever see naked

Snowden: US and Israel did create Stuxnet attack code

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Why in the WORLD would Snowden not release everything at once? Does he figure they won't assassinate him that way?

Now Putin has the good stuff and wants it only for himself.

And isn't Snowden supposed to be in Venezuela? What ever happened with that?

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Microsoft partners seriously underwhelmed by Windows 8.1

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Re: The problem...


> Why should he be replaced at all. Let that damn company go to hell this time.

I completely agree! I went from "dump Ballmer NOW" to "the best thing for the users is for Microsoft to have to eat shh it until it learns not to be arrogant." Let the incompetent, Peter-unprincipled, furniture aerodynamicist monkey dancer run MS into the ground and wallow in the mud for awhile.

Only then do I want Gates to intervene and fire Ballmer.

Only then will it be obvious to every exec in Redmond why MS failed.

Only THEN will whoever replaces him not make the arrogance mistake.

The biggest problem with Microsoft is not that they do what's best for them instead of what's best for the customers; the problem with Microsoft is that they think there's a difference.

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sexiest astrophysicist you'll ever see naked

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Re: The problem...


> Its sad to see El Reg comments descend to Slashdot and Engadget levels of immaturity.

What's immature about this discussion? You must be a new hire over there in the Microsoft marketing department. Yes, "you're being childish" is on the list of talking points your boss gave you, but you're only supposed to use it when the anti-MS thread can credibly be called "childish".

> Worsened by the fact you got 25 of your little pals to uptick you.

It's up to 29. With NO downticks.

That really should tell you something.

"The users are all wrong!" is the Redmond mantra. A well-run company would examine each negative comment to find out why people don't like their product. They would actively SEEK criticism. But not Microsoft! Instead, we get this transparent thrashing:

> run along home. Hack another ROM onto your Android phone, get cracking with today's Steam deal and leave the IT analysis to the grownups.

Do you really think *anyone* says that besides poorly-trained marketing shills? Everyone here is an IT analyst. That's who this site is for. (All together now, fellows...)


You redmond people still don;t get it, do you? You can't bully, ridicule, arm-twist, threaten, force, and fool people to buy your bug-infested, WAY overpriced software anymore.

If you want your faux-outraged propaganda to be taken seriously, you have to talk like REAL people talk. You can't come across as sputtering, red-faced furious at the inexplicable sentiment that Win8 isn't very well designed. Even people who like Win8 (if there are any) won't become aggressive and hostile and abusive when someone disagrees with them about an O/S interface. It makes you sound like a psychotic buffoon even though you're not psychotic.

Son, you aren't in the marketing-majors' frat house anymore. My advice is to get a REAL job, like throwing burgers at the Redmond McDonald's. Because when the layoffs start in the fall, you new hires will be the first to be unceremoniously thrown overboard by Ballmer.

If he doesn't give a dam about his customers, he certainly doesn't care about YOU.


--faye kane ♀ girl brain

sexiest astrophysicist you'll ever see naked

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