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Boffin's claim: I have found how to get girls into tech


Re: I'm surprised at Sapna Cheryan.

"To suggest that women are this shallow is just as bad as the "lets paint it pink" marketing of tech firms that want to appeal to women."


Women just don't buy pink. Fact.


"Downing Street has amongst its teams a 'Behaviour Modification Unit', who are tasked with thinking up novel ways to get us proles behaving the way politicians decide that we ought to behave."

I recall a newspaper editorial mentioning how Tony Blair used to ask people to do things but, since returning from a US visit, now 'tasked' them to do things.

Politicians, as a breed, never have been the brightest cookies in the the ongoing beer-glass dregs scenario.


Re: Doesn't it miss the point somewhat?

Actually, the only thing you can do with the world is model it, since the only interaction you have with it, with everything, is through your mind.

As Bertrand Russell replied to a dentist who asked him where it hurt:

In my mind, of course!

Sean Parker: 'My fairy-tale wedding harmed no trees'



"Hey Sean, where I come from we have an expression that comes in handy right about now, and here it is: Blow it out your ass."

Bestiality's OK where you come from?

Paris Hilton

Re: douche nozzle

>being hated on because he's rich

Guess there's a surfeit of 'ons' .

Paris, because she tends to find ons a bit hard.

Oz's 2013 heatwave was man made


"What a load of ****. There is no global-warming. It's just a political Agenda."

Maybe. Maybe not.

Perhaps the cumulative effect of all of humankind and what it's done in the last century or two is really so incredibly paltry that it could *never*, *possibly* have any effect on the status of the chemical bonds of our little planet.

Perhaps. Who knows?

In about another 148 million years of evolution we'll have dominated Mother Earth for about as long as the dinosaurs did.

In 198 million years we'll have survived as many changes as the cockroachly species of today.

Then, perhaps, we'll have earned our place in the Planet Earth Walk of Fame. Then, maybe, the successors of Mr. Lewis (to AGW what Eadon was to Microsoft), will supplement claims with facts and reasoning in a balanced sort of way.

Not sure whether the world would be a better place, though, if we or our droid descendants are around to see it. There is a certain 'Je ne Sais Quoi' about their world-view that reminds me of a Tracey Emin work of art. It appeals to some people that see art in that way.

Paris Hilton

Re: Speculation

In mathematics (*) there is something called the Three-body Problem. To summarise it: when dealing with three bodies (down, Paris!) the maths gets beyond manageable.

Well, meteorology tries to deal with one helluva lot more than three bodies, so maybe give it a break, already. (*)

Paris, because her attributes aren't all bad, really.

(*) Don't actually know why I thought 'already' in a Bronx accent. Just felt right.

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Impeccable logic


"What a load of ****. There is no global-warming. It's just a political Agenda."

The thingss that won me over immediately were your well-sourced, carefully presented facts and your incisive line of reasoning.

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit


Re: iPads due for a refresh

"And if they don't release a new iPad soon, then Amazon, Google and Samsung will all be offering better products (Kindle, Nexus, Galaxy, Note, etc)."

And if they don't release a new iPad soon, then Amazon, Google and Samsung will all continue offering better products (Kindle, Nexus, Galaxy, Note, etc).

... just a minor tweak.


'"mediochre" – do you mean an even paler brownish-yellow color than ochre?'

No. I meant mediocre, really. But, now that you mention it, the 'medi' would have suggested a moderation of the ochre-ness, though just as likely towards a darker as a paler hue.

'Oh, and by the way, the rabidity of your excoriation of anything Apple makes you appear not only dotty, but also somewhat morbidly obsessed.'

It wasn't an excoriation it was a rant, plain and simple.

And it wasn't about 'anything' Apple, just about the crApple part of it which, it seems to me, has been a steadily increasing part for some time.

Concerning 'makes you appear' / 'morbidly obsessed', that's a way of looking at it. Especially at this time of night. On the morrow I might endeavour to learn from those Applistas who are not, in their own way, morbidly obsessed. Or not.

(And 'somewhat'? Who needs 'somewhat'?)

(And 'dotty'? Hmmm... My grandfather used to use that word. A worthy gentleman, my grandfather.)

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'"mediochre" – do you mean an even paler brownish-yellow color than ochre?'

P.S. just up-voted you for picking me up on mediochre.

(Ironically, I am typing this on an iPad, where playing guess-the-word-substitution tends to distract from English as she is typed. Or, at least, once was).


C r A p p l e

App - Crap - iCrap

Apple - Crapple

Sick to the iBalls of crApple's mediochre, vastly overhyped, vastly overpriced consumer goods, copying, legalising rivals, believing in themselves (or faking it to take in their oh-so-gullible fan-babies). Technology for people too stupid for technology, too gullible to understand that a eff-ing computer is just an eff-ing computer, and putting shiny lipstick on it adds nothing to its quality (*).

(More than happy to take down-votes from Appey-clappies on this one, because they're worth it).

The only thing that makes me hope that Apple will survive for quite some while is their entertainment value. I get even more pleasure sniggering at 'Special Needs' Apple users than I used to get sniggering at shell-suit fashionistas. The funniest thing of all (in both cases) is the way they thought / think they're cool, whereas their main purpose is actually to entertain the thinking people on an otherwise boring train journey or Friday.

Speaking of which, Friday looms, beckons, flirts just a litle provocatively...

(*) A bit like Paris, whose quality is beyond addition.

Microsoft talks up devices, Windows 8.1 at developer shindig


Re: Win 8-Still a bad idea...

"even the loss of the start menu is not a problem, diving into the bottom left corner is faster than clicking a button shaped hotspot... apart from when remoting onto a 2012/win8 machine in full screen!"

Or pressing the Windows key?

Divers', clickers', mouse-caressers' and glass-slab-fondlers' MMV.


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