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Is Red Hat doing its part to win the 'open source' war?

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It's not that people aren't grateful for all the free software - but imagine what happens when a large number of people put in badgeware - especially with a "we will remove the badge for a fee" license. Not only is it breaking with almost 4 decades of hacker tradition but it becomes a nightmare for any business that uses non-proprietary software. Now I not only have to look at each license to see if it is free/open/proprietary but I have to watch out for badgeware and pay fees (essentially pay for the software - I'm certainly not paying for any service) or potentially end up with webpages crammed with advertising a-la-Google. As a small example of the effects of badgeware - an employer of mine once paid for a device driver dev kit for MSWindows (not the MS DDK) against my advice. This was for use in a laboratory - we would be the only users - and we paid a few hundred $$$ for it. This incompetent software, aside from being the absolute worst so-called 'driver' code I had ever seen, also threw up a badge each time a device was started: [Fatal Error]: This software is licensed to (my employer). I had never seen a 'device driver' which required a user to click 'OK' each time the driver was invoked. I had since rewritten that code using the MS DDK and the other DDK was thrown away. That was 6 years ago and I still tell people to avoid buying any gadgets built with that lousy badgeware DDK. Personally I'm not fussed about companies pushing badgeware - they will simply be avoided and are really only doing themselves out of business.



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