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BOFH: Damsels in distress


Macallan nah

If you want really good Whiskey get a bottle of Middleton Very Rare. Only 50 casks a year are made. Each bottle is numbered and signed by the Master Distiller for the ultimate guarantee of quality.

This is one whiskey that really has to be tried but be prepared to pay at least 100 pounds a bottle.

Oklahoma woman takes sue happy RIAA to the bank


Capital Justice System

Have you forgotten the true meaning of the term Capital Justice System?

Simply put it means the more "Capital" you have, the more "Justice" you get.

People forget something else too. We are the bosses, not the politicians and certainly not corporate entities or lawyers. As such when the creeps come looking to sue everyone should refuse to give them even one penny.

Bitching on blogs won't help you any. Several tons of paper landing on the desks of the politicians will. Get your family and friends writing letters and get your friends to get their families doing it too.

Write to your representatives daily and insist that the racketeering activities of the RIAA and the MPAA be stopped at once. If the politicos are getting thousands of letters every week all saying stop these creeps or you won't be re-elected trust me then you will see action against them.

Especially if one or two of them lose their seats in by-elections.

Microsoft Windows patent will spy for advertisers


Why worry?

Any of this does happen and it has to send your data out from your PC to M$ and M$ then has to send the Advert from them to you.

Use your firewall to deny the sending of the information to M$(assuming you are not daft enough to use the M$ firewall of course). No sending info out and no recieving info in.

Problem solved.

Alternatively stop using M$ products and use their competitors products. M$ only respond to one thing. The all mighty Dollar.

Vote with your feet people, drop the M$ product with this idea and they will drop the idea too in order to stop you dropping the product. If enough IT Buyers in business tell Redmond to leave this idea in file 13 or else they will listen.

Turing test challenges spam filters


Survival of the fittest.

Simple fact of the matter is that nothing we do to limit the spammers will stop them. At least on the technical side of things anyway. The only way to defeat spammers and malware authors is to require that all internet users are educated in the basics of IT security before they are allowed to go online.

A lot of the people who read the Reg are very talented IT experts but most peeps out in the real world know nothing about how computers work or filtering systems etc. They want point and click computing. Like they get with the TV turn it on and what you want happens. These people are the weak link, the dumb users the targets.

Remove the dumb user from the equation and the spammer has no target. Educating users in basic safety and security is the only way to do this. Anyone without this basic common sense knowledge should not be allowed to have an internet connection, until they have been taught it.

This would not mean going back to school or anything like it. Just some simple guidance from the ISP's when they install the service for the user. Back that up with a decent user support line to provide both technical help and basic tutoring in IT security to our less technical members of the community and there you have it.

Show people how to defend themselves before they come under attack rather than expecting them to know how to do it or where to look for the info themselves.

Simple idea really but until it is made an industry wide standard then we will always have the poor dumb user and the spammer.


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