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Nutanix trims down and fattens up server-storage halfbloods


Re: for that money

Hello Nate,

Point taken --- we do stand by our hardware and customer service though. We have a standard warranty as well as Gold and Platinum support services at standard rates which include on-site replacement services. The failure rates we track for the various hardware systems that we select are below industry norms. If we find that a platform does not meet our high threshold for quality, we will quickly find one that does meet this standard and do right for our customers.

On the same token, we completely understand brand loyalty and may offer other hardware systems in the future to accommodate customers which have these preferences. Our IP is in the software itself.

We appreciate the feedback and hope we get the opportunity to win your business at some point.


Lukas Lundell

Nutanix, Global Manager of Systems Reliability Engineering



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