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'Leccy racer whacks petrols in Oz race


Re: Come back

The top LMP1 competitors are all running hybrids.

Customisation is BAD for the economy, say Oz productivity wonks


More like inhibits the efficiency of wealth extraction

Small companies keep more people employed and more money flowing around amongst the peons. Thus impeding the efficiency of the corporations in collecting money and concentrating it at the top.

AREA 51 - THE TRUTH by the CIA: Official dossier blows lid off US secrets



The museum of flight in Seattle has a YA-12 complete with a D-5 supersonic drone on it's back.

Nuke plants to rely on PDP-11 code UNTIL 2050!


Re: there are alternatives

There is replacement hardware available. NuPDP replacment CPU's including QBUS support and peripheral cards. Also NuVAX for the new kids.

The Reviver boards for PDP-11 and HP1000.

The Osprey PDP-11 and Kestral HP1000 hardware from Strobe Data.

There are also the Stromasys/Charon software emulators VAX/AXP/HP3000.


Re: Still running HP1000 family stuff here.

I can throw in a recently retired Honeywell DPS-6 in an attempt to call. GCOS-6 was a wonderful thing. Ick.


Still running HP1000 family stuff here.

We have test systems still running 21MX, and A series machines. Even a few mylar tape readers around. RTE/6 and RTE/A with Fortran apps mostly, some of the apps are in bedrock basic though. 9882A terminals with the tape cassettes and 2621A terminals.

Also have a collection of various HP-9000 family machines. Series 100, 200, and 300. The 100 and 200's are mostly using Basic Workstation or Pascal Workstation (PAWS). The 300's are on HP-UX 6 or 7.

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