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Got an iPhone or iPad? LOOK OUT for MASQUE-D INTRUDERS


Copycat Apple

Android has had this for years and years. And does it better too.

SIM crypto cracked by a single text, mobes stuffed with spyware


Re: AC@10:47

"So i get double the security from 3 times the key length provided I implement the key generation process correctly."

No. Ideally 1 extra bit key length gives you double the security. If you do it right you get pretty close to that.


It's not the phone it's the SIM. The SIM handles the crypto and runs Java. The phone is hardly involved, it powers the SIM and relays the messages.

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit


Re: iPhone is expensive

But realize that they come with Android, which is not a product, but part of the harvesting machinery for Google's (and malware makers' ) products : lusers like you.


Re: I bought the S3 because of this legal nonsense

Samsungs internal emails that came up at last years trial show quite plainly that, at least for phones, Samsungs 'innovation' has a lot of 'do what whatever Apple does' in it. At least the jury thought so. Samsung was found guilty infringement but can happily keep on infringing. It's not unlikely that in a few years, maybe as soon as somewhere after the launch of the Galaxy S5 or so, Samsung has to pay for the infringing S3.

Apple would prefer Samsung to stop using 'their stuff', but nobody wants to make Samsung do that.

Meanwhile, Samsung thinks that (maybe) paying a few 100 million 'damages' in a few years to get yourself cemented as a a top smartphone brand now, is cheap.


What's the point in innovating when anybody can just copy your stuff?


Re: Jobs legacy

Apple is not interested in the money, they want Samsung to stop using 'their stuff'.

Last year jury agreed it was 'their stuff' and Samsung was using it, and they shouldn't be.


Re: Another one?

A UK court found some some design/trade-dress similarities between iPad and Galaxy Tab not close enough to merit an injunction.

So no.

These are the same patents that a California jury already found infringed in the S3 and other Samsung phones.


Re: I bought the S3 because of this legal nonsense

Yes, this Korean home appliance maker with a weapons division make some neat phones.

Samsung kicks ass: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5YftEAbmMQ


So adding the S4 is to much work, but a new trial doing all the same stuff again is OK?

The S4 trial can't start until long after the S4 stops selling, maybe they hope Apple won't bother.

STEVE JOBS hits back at ebook ruckus FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE


Re: Wilful

Or he just realized Amazon doing agency or retail model was irrelevant if you can get MFN ('the other thing').


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