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And the buggiest OS provider award goes to ... APPLE?


Who has paid for the survey?

I've never seen Windows without IE and it's not really possible to really remove it (but surely standalone numbers look better).

Mégane Renaultsport 275 Trophy: Hands-on gizmo-packed motoring


at least it looks nice

And comes in yellow. One only gets the choice of depressing colors on this side of Pond. And no escaping the "bigger is better".

Never mind Samsung, GOOGLE will EAVESDROP as you browse on Chrome


Re: The trouble is

Same like combining url bar with search field or worse, like OSX and Windows trying to search both local files and Internet. What a convenience (until you happen to accidentally type a password or other sensitive stuff into the stupid field).


Re: Firefox

Though even Mozilla compromised Sync in the name of ease of use. One can no longer sync Firefox outside their servers and keys managed by them. Sad state of "progress".


Re: Windows 10

Yep. Exactly the reason I'll never sign in to my real system with internet account. Smartphone is lost cause by now by MS need not control all that happens on my Desktop. Not even for the great price of free (if I was to trust their PR).

City broadband ISPs: PLEEEEASE don't do 'Title II' net neutrality


we've seen it before

Some asked for public option/competition in the health insurance market, we've got forced into paying to private for profit insurers.

Now all we'd asked was to allow for true competition on the ISP market, I bet we'll get hosed. Somehow I doubt Wheeler had our welfare on his mind when he jumped out with Title II (especially judging by where he's come from and where he'll end up at after FCC - any bets where?).

Patch now: Design flaw in Windows security allows hackers to own corporate laptops, PCs


Re: not a serious vulnerabality

Considering number of default configurations an attacker can just set a ARP "trap" and some "fool" will eventually bite login.bat, no need to see all the traffic.

Also, any person with access to internal network can try exploiting the bug from the inside. And why not start with granting oneself admin rights.


Re: Thanks to heaven it was not found by Google...

I'll not be praising Linux but by defending MS for taking time to fix complex bug is really missing the point. The issue is not about the time it's taken to fix it but rather about not implementing authentication of such a sensitive process. Fail.

Hey kids! If you vote Facebook will give you EXTRA LIKES*


You're not alone. It was enough for me to cast my vote in 3 presidential elections in the best democracy money can buy to come to the same conclusion.

RIP Windows RT: Microsoft murders ARM Surface, Nokia tablets


what about <8" tablets and Windows 10?

no desktop apps = RT (no matter what's under the "skin")

has MS given up on the tablets

Can't afford a BMW or Roller? Just HACK its doors open!


Re: Lunacy

Think of the brights side - window will no longer be smashed when you eventually recover your car (happened to one of my vehicles, "perps" were just trying to pull the radio out, unfortunately for them I secured the back with the screw - per instructions - but still, the window repaired at the "stealership" never worked the same). Should had left the door open.

Why Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2? Upton: 'I drank the Kool-Aid'


Re: Fwoar! Oh, my.

and haven't they stop work on RT - no official 10 version for the platform, no new Surface, maybe some updates.

Not that anyone cared.

Chipzilla Intel gulps down 'Internet of Things' chip unit Lantiq


it better be "opt in"

I'd like to have an option of disabling IoT functionality in all these things that I may be forced to purchase but see no reason for network access. In general most of these seem to be simple waste of silicon and electricity that for no good reason increase the price of everyday things.

Adobe and software pals haul Forever 21 to court over piracy allegations


Re: Adobe do audits of companies that use thier software

what's wrong with expired copy? It does not work so it should not infringe any license. Now, using the same license across multiple systems is different story. Yet one would believe that Adobe's licensing (requires network access for activation) was smart enough to prevent that (and they will definitely help you to lose the license if the system crashed without activation etc, not to mention they make it such a pain to look up actual license number). And Autodesk is the worst, just try transferring some old software between PCs - will not activate just because they decided it's too old (v2007 circa 2012).

Usually both side are to blame and users (that "do require" admin rights) complete the mess.

Flash chips for flash cars: SanDisk dives under your bonnet


anyone cared?

outside automakers everyone would rather have an option to plug theirs smartphone and forget about that great piece of obsolete tech in the dash. SanDisk, please don't give them an excuse to keep perpetuating this stupidity.

Living with a Renault Twizy: Pah! Bring out the HOVERCRAFT


Re: Why would you get one of these

Stability for one thing, though I'd rather have the reversed trike (single wheel in the back). That Twizy would fit nicely next to bikes in my garage and serve all local duties in warmer seasons. 3 wheel is actually preferred for registration, insurance and maneuverability. And price always matters, no matter what anybody said.

Microsoft tells big biz: No free Windows 10 for you, crack wallets open


Re: True definition of "locked in"

ctrl+v - just one of the ways MS gets you. Two steps forward and one back, technically it's a progress (though not without loses). Similarly in Windows 8 the Pause/Resume file copy was one of these useful things over Windows 7 (please don't bring up the task manager - nice but hardly of much value). Though completely overshadowed by other GUI "tweaks".


True definition of "locked in"

Now, pay through the nose and don't expect support past when we feel file (even if you kept paying EAS dues). MS will try to keep consumers/employees hooked up (promising freebies) while business will pay the price (not these have not been themselves to blame).

We'll see who blinked first.

You must have at least 8 inches for Windows 10 to go all the way


Re: Just stop calling it Windows

I don't like any arbitrary limitations where no one else but the individual is affected by his/her decision. I've done RDP from iPhone 4S. Was it the best experience - no, but it "saved the day". I wish that MS went back to creating computing environment and left the decision on how to use up to a user.

I had some refreshing Linux Mint experience just this week, alternatives look better than ever.


Just stop calling it Windows

Waiting for Congress to mandate that anything running on less than 7 inch is not Windows.


Re: No sense? Nonsense

And let's not forget about possibility of connecting external monitor. Stuck in the Metro nonsense just because the box was too small for MS. Thanks a lot for taking decisions for us.

Acting the same since Windows 8.

Super-cookie crumbles: Verizon vows to kill off hated zombie stalkers


Re: Comcast?

I would not be surprised if Comcast baked cookies of their own. They do seem to "manage" traffic somehow as for a week or so I was unable to check my webmail from home when using FireFox (multiple systems), IE worked "fine" (well, as fine as it can get;) . I had no such problem using very much the same configuration from work network (so proxies and other "helpers" in use).

FCC sexes up, er, sextuples 'broadband' speed to 25Mbps in US


I'l have to embrace my new to me dial-up service

Though Comcast's Economy Internet has never deserved broadband moniker.

Welcome to Spartan, Microsoft's persuasive argument for... Chrome


Re: Sensible companies don't allow Chrome at all. Mozilla is far better.

And I find it reassuring that FF will not use system certs. Really no reason to compromise good browser (and if I wanted to I can do this myself). The only trusted browser on the work PC (though I can see some admins having problem with this).

SURPRISE! Microsoft pops open Windows 10 Preview build early


yep, we're basically back to Windows 8 Beta (they removed access to start menu somewhere in Preview release). Progress or just taking care job security?

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year


Re: Where's the profit for Microsoft then?

It's also possible that while consumers will skip the bill (I surely will) it'll be businesses that end up paying for 10 and any future versions (and all of us will just pay more for services/products we buy). I believe that MS already required that any of these consumers/employees devices connected to the corporate system with one of their devices and it becomes a license that business technically had to cover for. Plus MS made it trivial to burn through the 5 device licenses per head (that come in SA). It'll be fun watching this and trying to lower usage.

Plus all the usual ways to nickel and dime, no way MS will lose (though I would not mind;).


Re: Cortana?

"Hope the Microsoft version doesn't leak." - Well, it sure does, by design. It'll rummage through user's one drive all connected device storage. It's either convenience or security.

Microsoft just saved Windows Phone... Now stop whining


i'd rather be a hipster

rocking an iThing than get a Windows Phone. Just a way of saying thank you to MS for wrecking my desktop experience.

Will fondleslab's fickle finger of fate help Windows 10?


Re: I think I'm getting old :(

Really? I'd not even bother. Despite all the marketing speak there's little in 10 that 8 can't have with free tools (classic shell, virtualwin) with - possibly - better results. The only reason to do so (upgrade) is if one was absolutely committed to cloud and wanted to share even more with MS (and 8 is already leaking plenty). I don't want to say that 8(.1) was good, but 10 is no better (not in the way most users liked their complaints to be addressed). I've lost much of my interest in new MS OSes since the release of 8 and I'd have hard time "upgrading" to 10 even if they gave it away for free. Just forget it if I had to pay for it.

Want a cheap Office-er-riffic tablet? Microsoft Windows takes on Android


Re: Commercial use forbidden?

Well, even MS considers "non-profit" businesses an oxymoron. Time for our government to do the same and reevaluate the tax code and level the "playing field".


Few words of caution from the owner of 8" Toshiba Excite (?). Mine came with 2GB RAM and this seems sufficient for 32bit OS, 1GB sounds less then optimal. Also the processor in mine is minimally better and has dual channel RAM (may actually matter for the integrated graphics). My device handles full HD youtube (and such) surprisingly well, way better than "ancient" C2Duo laptop with dedicated Ati video chip. I use it as a stationary "tabletop" connected to 1600*1200 20" monitor. HDMI was a must have for my use pattern and it works fine. Now the bad part. The only USB port is also the charging port - using it for both charging and attaching extra devices is doable but not every Y cable worked for me (also not every charging adapter worked). Having USB 3.0 would be nice. You'll - probably - have to use USB mouse/kb (and find a working Y cable;) as the built in Bluetooth interface is most likely crap (I would lose WiFi connection, BT moude/kb or both at times, wireless performance was also slower than without BT). I wished it had real network (Ethernet) access. Windows 8.1 Home is crap (no Media Center option for you) and 32GB is borderline sufficient (supposedly it won't handle MCE even if you upgraded to 8.1 Pro, maybe with the use of simlinks). SD card option is another must have, unless you're willing to sell your soul to cloud provider(s) - I'm running mine with local accounts and have no plans to switch. I think that performance deteriorated somewhat over time but this can be just my perception.

Unless you had to have the built in screen (I wanted really portable replacement for my old laptop) you may consider getting small box with Celeron or Atom CPU - the setup will be more flexible, it'll be faster and if something goes wrong you can actually fix it (it'll be fun to reimage Windows on my tablet if built in recovery partition failed).

Behold our swollen sales digits, crow Microsoft enterprise partners


Considering inflation, license cost increases and general market growth they better showed some increase revenue. And as long as you resell to big corps and tax propped organizations (MoD) you'll be OK. That's until MS decided to sell directly (and customers may start questioning the point of middleman when buying MS services). It'll be even more difficult for resellers dealing with smaller customers - same issues at much lower margins (maybe they start selling "protection services" against MS licensing to try to differentiate their offer).

German iron meets Monaco's highlands: Audi A1 review


Re: So how much MPG do you get?

I'm more familiar with the metric system (and I actually wanted to know how our Golf stacks up against European cars) so (with Google's help) my "score" translates to ~5.9l/100km - fairly decent.


Re: So how much MPG do you get?

Not sure that I can properly answer the question but the "poor US cousin" of Golf 1.8TSI gets (so far) ridiculous real life MPGs of 39.9 (regular unleaded, calculated between fill-up). This is mixed driving (biased towards highway), low temps, paying attention to MPGs but also judiciously enjoying the kick you get in 2nd and 3rd (and 4th;). With the proper transmission (well, I'd not mind the 6speed from GTI) it's quite fun to drive (though steering could be heavier and clutch have better feel). A1 should do better - it's probably lighter, smaller displacement, better stick and fancy pants engine (I bet it's dual injected and possibly dual variable valve timing). We (US) get the "cheap" option that's good enough, and Golf was the only 2 door hatch besides really base Yaris or something really impractical or expensive.

Time will tell what the reliability is like.

Venture Capital investment in Silicon Valley hits dot-com boom levels


Re: Get me that permafailure Krugman on the horn!



GoPro feels COLD BREATH of APPLE on back of neck


what took them so long

Apple will surely claim the patent and novelty of "discovery" but 3rd party(ies) implementations of the case had been on the market for quite some time. I looked up one of these, the expense did not sway me into buying it.

One Sync to rule them all: How Microsoft plans to fix OneDrive


Re: This is a regression

Exactly the reason I haven't bothered with beta testing of MS products since 8.1 Why, our feedback does not matter anyway.

Resistance is useless.

Broadband isn't broadband unless it's 25Mbps, mulls FCC boss


what about the unintended consequences?

I can already see comcast mailing me a letter with rate increases for the better service they're forced to provide (just when I cut it down to the bare minimum only to give less to them leaches).

Healthcare: Look anywhere you like for answers, just not the US


Re: So remind me again

I'd take a different view on this one. While it's true that the system has to provide care for healthy(ier) individual for longer, one has to consider the expense and/or complexity of the care provided to a patient with a condition resulted from obesity, smoking etc. Just to start with a simple example - did you try lifting a 400#+ blob of helpless flesh onto/off the bed?

Also, while no politicians would mention this, every citizen is just a taxable entity. The state makes some initial investment (basic education etc) and the longer we live the greater ROI for the state (as long as we're not subject to some chronic - often obesity or smoking related - disease). In the end state always wins.

As far as I'm concerned I agree with calling US healthcare a clusterf... And the only result of so called Obamacare is that now we're forced to fund profits of insurance companies while having no expectations of getting anything in return (especially that having spent your limited funds on the premiums you may not have noting left for egregious co-pays). Same applies to retirements funds that are great way to prop WS indexes and brokers but not a prudent way to save for an average person.

Reg man confesses: I took my wife out to choose a laptop for Xmas. NOOOO


deja vu

Funny enough I had just been through the same early this week. An older neighbor got a deal on a laptop,OK, a chromebook. At 70$ I'd bite as well (with hdmi, usbs and real network = ethernet port the setup can be better than my w8 tablet). Now he wanted his pictures and such on the new "laptop". Converted him to google user (not sure that he grasped the idea though) and moved some of his junk into the "cloud". Not exactly my way of life but I used the opportunity to educate myself at someone's expense.

The other funny thing was that the previous chromebook owner was just as ignorant. She handed over the device without sanitizing it and provided her login credentials. Some people are just clueless (or just have nothing to hide;)

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde: Fun, but not for all


odd choices

Without the proper gearbox it's more of a imposter than a sport car. Slush-box in Europe. I guess that's what you get for the merger with Chrysler. And having sacrificed the functional gearbox they still managed to place the fake one in the place destined for cup-holders while forgetting in include an armrest. And then 4 door - type R my a..

Net Neut: Verizon flips the bird to FCC on peering deal crackdown


let's play the game

since I don't like paying for nothing (what? that cable sticking out the wall and nothing on the line until the other side paid also for my access) I just resigned to getting the bottom tier service. Yep, it's slow as hell but fu verizon/comcast/... You'll only get paid once, and the least necessary amount (though still overpaying, in this "free market paradise").

FCC says taxpayer-bankrolled bumpkin broadband must be at least 10Mbps


Re: 10Mbps?

Don't complain, mine is a steady 3.7Mbps. At almost 40$ a month this surely is a "bargain".

The future looks bright: Prepare to be dazzled by HDR telly tech


but will it blend?

and lets not forget that my fancy broadband service can't handle anything over 720p - I'm quite sure I'm not alone here.

No more free Windows... and now it’s all about the services


Re: Does not make sense?

The real problem with Media Center is/was that it required Pro license (wtf I say). In the end, they've accomplished their unspoken plan of killing it. Yep - I may need/like to pony up a tenner for WMC but not a 100 for Pro license (and then few more yet for WMC). So goes the notion of paying for what you need, they'll always try to bundle the crap and the subscription option is ridiculous for something that every user keeps indefinitely. That's unless your plan is to keep it just long enough to download and test Linux distro and get rid of MS tax altogether. I hope this will be the outcome, especially now that Windows became a web browser platform with 0 value added until you dropped more into Windows Store.

VW's Scirocco diesel: A sheep in Wolfsburg’s clothing


forbidden fruit

no Sirocco on this side of the pond but the new Golf does look decent (Sirocco looks better). I was recently looking at 3 door Golf (just about all other "boats" out here come in disgusting 4 door flavor;) and liked it but the manual gearbox let me down somewhat and brakes lacked modulation (all this could be just because I only took just a brief test drive). Anyway, I'll have a look again at CRZ that had much better manual feel (but in practicality it's nowhere near Golf).

GTI? - not with the garish wheels it comes with (and appetite for premium gas). And then there's this legendary VW reliability (you can't get it all I guess). Any suggestions, opinions, alternatives (sporty looks, reliability and practicality, performance - not essential but driving feel definitely).

Shhhhh! It's a Swiss Sunday shutdown. Kill the lawnmower, punish the kids with CHEESE


Re: Sunday shutdown...

oh yeah, Germany. Not only using US credit card is borderline impossible (outside hotel and without going for serious hustle) but even when you'll eventually get out on Sunday to find a currency exchange you'll find that everything is closed (great sightseeing though). You'll get fit in 2 weeks (if you'll bet on better exchange rates outside entry airport and have limited time to find a place later;). At least the rental car was diesel so I managed all errands on one tank (started hypermiling a week in once I realized that the last thing I wanted was to test my visa/luck on the way back). pushing the car to Frankfurt was not an option;)

Too 4K-ing expensive? Five full HD laptops for work and play


what's the point of laptops over 12"?

not portable enough and nowhere near the performance of miserable desktop that costs half as much (gone are the days of lugging 15.6 beast just because specs looked good, never again).

That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?


I'd not consider file sync an easy problem. Maybe in situation where all synced devices have persistent network connection, aligned system clock and minimal latency of network connection (the last two are lesser issues and/or can be worked around). Just consider the possibility of a file edited on two systems and then having to chose what version to keep (and what work to lose). Now multiply this by number of files in synced folders (and just give up). Myself I'm not a fan of syncing - neither I like the system deciding on my behalf nor I like the idea of sorting it out myself.

My preference is just to have "online/onedrive folder" where I drop the stuff I'm OK with compromising my ownership rights (yep, once in cloud always in cloud). Not to mention that I "loved" the view of my drive going into red as stupid onedrive was chewing up free space (small SSD I will admit but so what) to cache synced items. I'd like MS to give me the option to use their OD as offsite storage with no sync and local copies. Too much to ask?

Patch NOW! Microsoft slings emergency bug fix at Windows admins



Now considering that XP is now cordoned off the rest of systems I'd consider these systems more secure than general use system with Windows 7. Also, I'd hope that patch actually fixes the issue on the server. having a client system compromise security of the whole network can't be considered good design.


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