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Now VW air-pollution cheatware 'found in Audis and Porsches'


Re: A diesel Porsche?

unless you're in EU where taxes on engine displacement and gasoline skewed the market towards diesel. It was all fun and games until the rules for diesel emissions got so tough that these could not be truly met on economy car (original reason for diesel). Now, not adding the premium for additional emission systems on luxury cars is somewhat surprising, but doing so would bring undue attention to cheaper product.


Re: ... 'a couple of rogue software engineers'

One conglomerate, same vehicle platforms and the more of less same engines (with slightly modified tune to differentiate performance).

It's amazing how the same engine block can power 170hp golf, 200hp gti and 290hp r. Few modified parts and mostly the same ECU code.

Similarly for TDI engines (including the cheat codes).


Re: Is anybody surprised by now?

Hopefully this is not the case as I do enjoy great mpgs of tsi (all this with real MT - albeit only 5 speed - instead of some awful AT or worse yet, CVT). I'm not sure but normal gasoline vehicle catalyst converter is good enough at scrubbing both carbohydrates and NOx. And in the worst case, I can always say that the car is optimized for CO2 emissions and minimizing of fossil fuel use. While I'd like it comply with all rules I just don't agree with EPA's definition of clean emission vehicle that somehow glances over amount of fuel burned (as long as gas exiting the tailpipe is "clean" percentage wise), allows for disparities due to size and supposed purpose of the vehicle (that ends up hauling all of one occupant 99% of time) etc. All in all, it looks like the most efficient vehicles carry the most burden of rules (that can't be fulfilled withing target cost and/or performance).

Next year's Windows 10 auto-upgrade is MSFT's worst idea since Vista


Re: I wonder how many

There's media center installer for 8 and 10 floating on the Internet. I've "secured" my copy and it works really well (besides EPG that MS given up on, this requires extra work) and seems mallware-free. One has to install missing codecs on 10 (and 8) but on 10 (test box, broken already while cutting down on telemetry and tile eyesores) WMC window looks better than native one on 8 - no more retarded/gaudy wide window frames.

Still, all my system run with updates set to manual, disabled "install recommended updates the same way..." and other precautions. Needless to say, MS made 10 desktop virtually unusable by shifting some system management files into the Metroland (that breaks while you attempt to restrain this gossiper of OSs).

In general I could care less for Metrocrap (easy to keep it out of sight), hate telemetry (but I can manage or even block it). What I'm really afraid is digital servitude. There's no way I'm going to be singing in to my PC with MS/internet account linked to some services I don't care for and can't control or getting my "approved" software only through the Store. While we may still be able to use local account today it's clear that with next "security" update MS will convert our local account to cloud. I'm not buying into this and games (DXn is the only reason to keeps Windows box outside business settings) is too little to keep me inside MS' walled garden.

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year


Re: pre loading win10

I'd not trust important updates. All my systems have been set to manual, every non-security update checked before approval (and I'll keep an eye on security updates because MS lost my trust). Plus all the CEIP schedules disabled. And 3GB would strangle my "broadband" for longer than I'd care to wait.

Linux on the emergency exit.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hands out shares to remaining staffers


I'd wonder about the possibility of a lawsuit. It's no different than divorce and separated parties have equal claims to common assets made during the relationship (whatever they were for Twitter).

CISA latest: Law urging tech giants to share your info with the Feds shows no sign of stopping


Re: America is now actively hostile to EU data residentsy

I bet they just want to look clean (PR) while benefiting from government contract. Just another proof that one (select ones;) can have one's cake and eat it too.


Re: Roe v. Wade

it's because in US we have conservatives and liberals - in Europe you'd say it's all the same, so they are

Of course you can text and call while driving – it's perfectly safe


getting better over time, sure

"Smart phones are regularly updated to make them better than when they were purchased. Cars will require the same capabilities."

From experience it looks more like every phone gets slower/worse with OS updates (with extra unusable functionality crammed onto outdated "engine"). I bet everyone asked for the same to afflict their vehicle. Good for automakers, not sure about consumers.

Attacker slips malware past Ubuntu Phone checks


Re: The Lucky? 15

I have no idea in regard to numbers of malicious apps on different platforms. All I know is that the store model is too costly for open/free platform. It's probably low number of apps that helped them catch it and greater popularity would overwhelm Ubuntu team. I'm not a fanboy of other mobile OSes (definitely not Windows;), I just despise walled gardens and believe in mutual responsibility of both sides (OS vendor to provide OS that can be used in secure manner and user that knows better than just to click on next "great" app).

Windows Mobile 10 nears point of no return


Re: I can't imagine why

I would not call it bad but 2013+ UI got worse, the metro style worse: bland and painfully flat (and MS keeps preaching this). Try to grab/drag the window and you may get lucky (if you figured out the active part of the window). And it lags, feels almost as if the UI was rendered remotely, somewhere in MS cloud - really odd when IM text barely keeps up with you typing it.

And the app seems to have bad habit of locking out user account.

Still better than IE.

Apple ordered to write a $234m check to uni in A7 chip patent spat


Re: Very Appealing

Also the question is if universities (UW is not the 1st one to go after another business) should engage in this kind of practices. Sooner or later their alumni may find themselves unemployable as nobody will like to risk getting them on-board (as every former student may have the "insider" knowledge). US universities make plenty of money as is and should rather concentrate on science and not litigation (maybe with exception of law schools, these are useless by their nature anyway). Not an Apple fan but I simply despise lawsuit happy culture where nobody wins but lawyers.

You can hack a PC just by looking at it, say 3M and HP


I was going to say the same thing. HP's laptops are pain to look at straight, and forget about trying to see anything from any side.

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back


keeping MS in check

Not seeing updates checked but MS likes to reissue same KBs with new time-stamp so one has to keep a watchful eye.

Uncheck - give me recommended updates the same way...

Also, if you keep getting updates un-hidden try not clearing IE cache (specifically cookies) or just uninstall IE altogether and this way you'll avoid "accidents".

7, 8 ... linux

GCHQ can and will spy on politicos, rules tribunal


Re: Someone should be exempt

I bet GCHQ exempted itself - so someone is.

If you wanted Windows 10, it looks like you've already installed it


Re: Privacy issues

I've just realized that by installing extra "functionality" on Windows 7 SP1, MS acted against their own definition of mainstream and extended support. I guess they can do whatever they please.

Hyundai i30 Turbo: Softly, softly, catchee Audi


Re: 2 markets, big difference

Never cared for heated seats. Now, having heated steering wheel option is too much to ask for (maybe once one included all the crap the automaker had on sale). The grass is always greener elsewhere but to me it seems that EU buyers are offered more logical/practical choices while US customer is easily impressed with bling and ends up with big, heavy but often primitive pontoon on 4 wheels (and 72 months of car payments).


2 markets, big difference

I guess US is poor stepchild - not even independent rear suspension (elantra gt that looks to be closest match, irs absent across all compact lineup). I guess you get what you paid for - lower $ here, but the only "important" similarities are big rims.

And just forget about 2(3) door option.

Ubuntu 15.10: More kitten than beast – but beware the claws


Re: How do you know there's scrollable content?

I don't often advocate for "new and improved" functionality in OS, but I'd admit that ever since "discovery" of mouse with the scroll-wheel there's no need for scroll-bar. Huge bright scroll-bars and title-bars definitely add insult to injury in ever since Windows 8 (and burn plasma screen attached to my HTPC). Obviously, user has been protected from his/her own choice on MS platform

Testing CarPlay with Apple’s most expensive ever accessory


in the search of a problem to solve

Car makers keep developing head units instead just providing a spot to slap the phone into (magnetic mounts work great). All that's really needed is charging, good bluetooth link, decent amp and volume knob (no touch please). The rest does not matter much. With the size of new smartphones all these dashboard gadgets attempt to duplicate functionality (and fail miserably at it). CarPlay (and alike) locks out most of the phone interface (safety or not most users will get annoyed in no time), adds to the cost (or encourages cuts elsewhere - i.e. drive-train or even amp/speakers). And since it makes no other sense we know it's all about money, our money. And I'd rather spend it on the phone (or keep it given the choice).

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Email keyword sniffing? We'd NEVER do that!


Re: Maybe it was also aimed at the new MS data slurping policy...

Possibly. I've been avoiding using smartphone for any serious stuff as I considered it beyond my controls. Now that MS crippled PC to MSC I might as well follow the path of convenience and into Apple walled orchard.

Watch out VW – French prosecutors are pulling on the rubber gloves


Re: Let he that is without sin...

150kg is quite a lot of mass. It'd be difficult to account for it in extra emission hardware. Quite likely 508 is slightly smaller, weaker structurally or to contrary uses more high strength steel, possibly better engineered or maybe has smaller/lighter rims/wheels and no spare. Anyway, 11% less mass = better efficiency in city. Lower mass and resulting frontal area of the vehicle = better efficiency on the highway (though not as much difference). Things like transmission/gear ratios matter as well.

Raytheon: Ho hum, another day, another $1bn cyber-security contract with Uncle Sam


nothing gets wasted in revolving door, it all comes back (especially to these that sign the contracts;)

Move to the latest IE, or suck it: January’s cold comfort for Microsoft hangouts


or just go IE 1355

takes 1 restart. Out of sight, out of mind. And good riddance.

Weird garbled Windows 7 update baffles world – now Microsoft reveals the truth


Re: Mistake or Hack?

new MS for you.

Just yesterday I installed 10 on brand new box. I cleaned it up/silenced it and then I realized that this system not only has little to offer to me but since I can't trust it I really have no use for it.

As for the update - little surprise. With 7 on extended life support MS will be actively sabotaging it to convince masses to move over to new, "better" offerings (that also suit their vision). Whoever hasn't disabled auto updates yet, got another warning shot now.

Is Windows 10 slurping too much data? No, says Microsoft. Nuh-uh. Nope


Trust MS ...

but verify.

I have a 10 Enterprise test box setup, local account, OS hacked to the point of braking it (all tin-foil applied;), all MS telemetry request denied and yet it wanted to slurp some. I did not monitor network traffic but when I rummaged through the folders looking for telemetry files I found them (content often difficult to read but keywords stand out here and there). Not just OS or MS apps. They actually would collect some queries of my Firefox searches. Is MS running Mozilla's CEIP? And why they care about what I typed and not just performance data.

'We can handle politicos, OUR ISSUE IS JUDGES', shout GCHQ docs



"Hammond, who receives copies of the agency's compliance documents to ensure they are following the relevant legislation. These are documents the spooks provide themselves. Hammond is also responsible for signing warrants under RIPA."

I bet it works as well as VW's compliance with emission rules.

Spirit of the Ghost: Taking a Rolls-Royce Wraith around France


Re: 21MPG?

This 33mpg at 100mph - is this computer or actual usage? I cant see this happen even with your imperials gallons. Maybe 33kpg but not 33mpg, or maybe at 100kph and downhill. Not in a brick shaped vehicle.

iPhone 6S, 6S Plus: Apple SHAFTS eager fans with STRAPPING VIBRATOR



the bending question has already been answered somewhere I can't recall - it'll bend less.

Nice to see it more accessible, 7/10 can't be bad.

US eco watchdog's shock warning: Fresh engine pollution cheatware tests coming


hipocrisy defined

while they chase after little guy, their policies placed lower burden the bigger you got. The solution (at least here in US) - sell only "trucks". The result - hulking giants on highway (driver only most of the time), average fuel economy improving mostly on paper (windows stickers) and ballooning costs of safety devices necessary for all vehicles to keep occupants somewhat safe (probably not when hit by a giant). This and lack of choice for the few that would like something more sane (law of averages at play).

Facebook's security now sexier, with killer curves


i bet fb gets clear text (they have monetize, right;). in this context i have no idea why they even pretend.

Sino the times, as Microsoft makes Baidu default search engine in China


big brother mentality on both sides

fits them well.

AirDrop hole deposits stealth malware on all pre-iOS 9 Apple devices



on iOS5

soon applicable to XP users as well

Curiosity Rover's OS has backdoor bug


remote code exec bug

now really remote

Don't want to upgrade to Windows 10? You'll download it WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT


proceed with caution

Running Disk Cleanup utility and cleaning up Windows Updates has unwelcome side-effects - all previously hidden updates come back out and one has to hide them again (or risk installing the next actual updates get mixed in). At least automatic updates don't get switched back on (for now knowing MS).

I have not switched yet to Linux but MS keeps nagging me to do so. No excuses at this point but plain laziness (FireFox runs just fine on anything and neither 8 nor 10 has nothing to offer outside of basic OS functionality... and forced telemetry).

Směrť Špionam! BAN Windows 10, it SPIES too much, exclaim Russians


teh caption on the picture

it's funny how close in Russian the forgotten is to killed. And Soviets made it mean all the same.

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: El Reg on the hydrogen highway


Re: What's wrong with the old fashioned way?

Using old school ICE motor burning H2 is quite silly, might as well keep filling up with gas(oline).

Probably just as silly is the idea that all this vehicles for "environmentally conscious" stick to SUV monstrosities. Feel good if do no good I guess.

Microsoft kicks off 'Windows as a service' with new Insider build


You've got served

and can't even complain, RTFEULA

Want Edward Snowden pardoned? You're in the minority, say pollsters


Scared yet?

When everyone is dependent on feds handouts (in one way or another) nobody will express opinion that disagree with the party line. Democracy can't exist in the environment where power brokers have almost complete (and increasing) access to sensitive information. And don't think of politicians as power brokers - there's a "vanilla folder" for every puppet.

BTW, I've expressed no opinion with regard to the subject;)

Mozilla-Microsoft spat latest: Firefox yanks Cortana away from Bing


taking your OS back, one hack at a time

almost a substitute for bing.com

though knowing MS one has to stay alert and keep checking the settings (even IE on corporate system somehow enabled url suggestions and sending keystrokes to MS, nice try). Or better yet, block the crap at router level and disable IPv6 routing while there (just in case;).

It's a shame it's come to desperate measures when trying to keep OS from being compromised by its vendor.

Windows 10 is FORCING ITSELF onto domain happy Windows 7 PCs


probably someone who thinks that the "cure" is worse than the disease.

8.1 may be far from perfect but has much fewer privacy tradeoffs compared to 10. Myself (on 8 and 8.1) I'm not planning to move (and keep fighting the nag). Good start menu replacement (if needed) is actually better from what 10 has to offer


Re: also autoticking the upgrade button in Win Update

You wished. This update keeps un-hiding itself (and so does Silverlight). It's this important (for MS).

Audi RS3: Keep running up that hill, with no problems


Re: Golf R

there you have it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3jWVTKYcP0

Hack a garage and the car inside with a child's toy and a few chips


Re: Driving the car

(2) would also be my concern (but I just keep using one key anyway).

Cars usually have provisions for getting in when the fob is out of sync/juice (better RTFM before this happens;).

In addition, having physical lock is hopefully more than just security theater sacrificed on behalf of premium trims with keyless entry (fine with this) and start (meh).


Re: Well...

The hack has a problem though. It's one thing to open garage door in the middle of nowhere - and the quicker the better. It's entirely different thing to open them simultaneously on all buildings along the street (withing transmitter range). Neighborhood watch or not someone will look out the window.

If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear


Re: Some steps

the very 1st step - never login with/create online account

Keep all "value added" services disconnected until you really need them and obviously never use OS vendor provided services as these are too closely tied into the system for comfort.

'Fix these Windows 10 Horrors': Readers turn their guns on Redmond


Re: Then there is the Whitespace everywhere

Little hope, their support page looks no different. Now with "cool" spinning circle as it takes 10 seconds to load vast emptiness.

They just hate good old plasma screens and our retinas.

MORE Windows 10 bugs! Too many Start menu apps BREAK it


Re: I have 600

How the heck. 600? That start screen/menu has to be scrolled for an hour. Live tiles on and all that your pc did is refreshing tiles.

Is this everything they had in the "Store";)

We put Windows 10 on a small fondleslab: STILL not ready, 3 days to go


Re: From one mistake to another...@Pascal

Start menu remains almost as useless as start screen in 8, but gets more bloated than in 7.

While 10 does not necessarily force you (yet) into MS cloud, the system is simply a platform optimized to connect to MS services and everything else remains secondary consideration (EULA takes care of that). Say what you want, but try disabling all the chit-chatting between your PC and MotherShip. Just start with fully disabling Cortana, smartscreen in IE (prompt seems to come back every IE update) etc. They truly like to listen.

And the idea of Store seems like a racketeering of the computer age. Sorry, but I need no middle man no big brother to guide me and help make "correct" choices.

Windows used to be low friction platform for less hardcore users with access to wast (and unrestricted) selection of 3rd party software and games. Now it becomes extension of MS data center with some gaming capabilities. I have no intent to let MS mine through my crap and the older I get the less I care for gaming.

It's been easy, convenient and fun this far, but no way I want to end up at mercy of MS admins/execs when they complete Windows switch to the service/subscription model.


Re: All around the world and I, I, I, cant find my . . .

or Agent Ransack for the brave;)

Coworker "smuggled" it onto corporate machine and no, it's no malware.


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