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Pork pulled: Plug jerked out of beacon of bacon delight


Why would you want a bacon vending machine when there's a Greggs in every town in the UK? Ah, I suppose it's for use after 11 'o'clock

Taylor's gonna spy, spy, spy, spy, spy... fans can't shake cam off, shake cam off


Re: She sounds so vain

With all the coverage this story has been having I suspect it is more about publicity than privacy, and we are contributing to it.

OM5G... Qualcomm teases next Snapdragon chip for phones: The 855 with a fingerprint Sonic Screwdriver, er, Sensor


Re: 5G? what about the back hauL?

You don't have to bury fibre, it works just as well in the air, but it's as ugly as hell

A new Raspberry Pi takes a bow with all of the speed but less of the RAM


Re: I would rather

A Zero W that I can easily put to sleep without add ons.

Boom! Just like that the eSIM market emerges – and jolly useful it is too


So how is an eSIM better

I don't really see the advantage of an eSIM, when you fly into Australia there will be a Vodaphone shop at the airport to give you a SIM and sell you a package of 40GB, local and international calls for the huge sum of £11.09 at the end of the month throw it away.

I want to buy a coffee with an app – how hard can it be?


Re: Try travelling with First Bus and their (cr)app

"Other than TfL, is there any other public sector run transport system?"

Cardiff Bus


Re: Try travelling with First Bus and their (cr)app

"The fact that you have to pay a higher price and that it continually fails at their (presumably) busiest time leads me to believe that behaviour is by design."

Do you really believe that they have the wit to design something like this?

Euro bureaucrats tie up .eu in red tape to stop Brexit Brits snatching back their web domains


What is it?

So what does .eu stand for, European Union or EUrope?

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.


Re: EU Standard plug

Why would a foreign plug be dangerous in the UK?

Except that the UK ring main is fused at 32A and the continental spur is fused at 16A

'Unhackable' Bitfi crypto-currency wallet maker will be shocked to find fingernails exist


Duplicate comment

Big contenders in the broadband chart this week, but who will be #1? Well, not Britain


I am sitting in sunny rural France and at the moment enjoying broadband provided by the national company at 0.88Mbps, tomorrow the guy is supposed to turn up and connect us to the fibre on the pole outside, I hope its a little bit faster.

World+dog ignores Rubin's Wonderdroid


Re: root

But without the GPIO.

Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing


Re: Missing a crucial step

"Don't you mean served with chips and THEN deep fried?"

or the gourmet version, Poutine

Drone perves defeated by tinfoil houses


Re: They were not defeated

I don't really see how you are going to upset a drone with a pressure washer since they rely on the speed of a small flow of water to blast off the dirt. As soon as the water leaves the jet the pressure is zero but the speed is quite high so the cleaning power diminishes very quickly with distance and within less than a meter you will only get a fog.

Now, a fire hose with a 16mm nozzle at 6 Bar will do the job, if you can hold it.

FBI says it can't unlock 8,000 encrypted devices, demands backdoors for America's 'public safety'


Re: Face Palm

"The general public don't trust the Govt not to abuse such access."

The general public don't trust any Govt.


Magic Leap blows our mind with its incredible technology... that still doesn't f**king exist


Re: mini-computer?

"So PDP-11 sized, or maybe even VAX?"

Nah, Fox 2/10 size

European court: Let's not kid ourselves, Uber. You're a transport firm, not a 'digital service'


Re: Barcelona, Spain

"As opposed to Barcelona the planet, where they've got dogs with no noses?"

How do they smell?

Oregon will let engineer refer to himself as an 'engineer'


Re: let me guess

"What about locomotive engineers?

I assume you are talking about the mechanical engineer that designed the locomotive and not the engine driver.

Bring me your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to see behavioural advertising


Re: Facebook has a "striped down" app?

Just vertical stripes?

Is Oomi the all-in-one smart home system we've been waiting for?


"Will it have a counterpart called Zoomi?"

Yes, but that is designed to look after your pets.

OnePlus 5 x T + five short months = Some p*ssed off fanboys


Re: I'm pleased with my 5.

My OnePlus 2 has got the 1 October 2017 Android Security Patches, I have no plans to change it.

Nokia updates classic comeback mobe 3310


Give it a black and white screen that you can easily read in bright sunlight and I'll have a couple.

'All-screen display'? But surely every display is all-screen... or is a screen not a display?


Re: Playing with fire, Dabbsy?

"The annoying thing about this is that you need to have the power-hungry TV screen on just to listen to music"

Not if you use a Chromecast Audio plugged into your stereo or active speaker.

UK ministers' Broadband '2.0' report confuses superfast with 10Mbps


Re: it makes more sense to not have FTTP

I am currently waiting to see how reliable overhead FTTP is. Here in France the whole village (one of only three in the department) is being connected to fibre. That is every house farm and shed. Fibre is being slung along the tops of existing poles on metal tees outside the village, trees have been cut in half, just the half nearest the new fibre, and hedges trimmed with a set of giant circular saws, pretty it is not. Will it ever work?, well hopefully it will be better than the current 1.07Mbps/0.43Mbps on a 5km line

Bixby bailout: Samsungers bailing on lame-duck assistant


Re: But...

I don't like sliced bread either.

IT error at Great Western Railway charging £10k for 63-mile journey ticket


Re: Escape Trowbridge?

Just go to Le Clerc's and get a few cans of Bavarian Brewing Company (from Amsterdam naturally) 8.6

And it's Trowhole not Trowbridge

Boffins reveal how to pour a perfect glass of wine with no drips. First step, take a diamond...


French Idea

The French have a much better anti drip device fitted to a 5l cubi (wine box), a little plastic tap, fills a glass with no drips and very little effort.

Euro space agency's Galileo satellites stricken by mystery clock failures


Re: Forgot?

Obviously you didn't

Smart fingerprint padlock startup to $320k backers: Sorry for the radio silence


Looks pretty easy to open

After extensive visiting remote sites and having the wrong key this lock looks pretty easy to me. First choice would be a whack with a 11/2lb hammer just above the little green light, next a nip of the stainless hasp with a 24" bolt cropper or otherwise cut it off with a battery angle grinder, all standard tools.

Uber, Apple, Amazon and Sully Sullenberger walk into a bar – er, self-driving car committee


Re: Sullenberger: the movie

WTF is Jedward?

BT's hiring! 500 more customer service folk to answer your angry calls


Customer Hatred

If you want to experience true customer hatred try complaining to Orange France AKA France Telecom.

Reg man 0: Japanese electronic toilet 1


Re: Translation

One of the high points of my Tokyo visit, and with buttons mounted on the left hand wall you can work out what they do while you do the do-do.

Happy days for second-hand smartphone sales


Mod is still going the commercial arm is not


Re: Accuracy

When you make up a number for whatever reason you should make it very precise, that way no one will query it. 37.43% of all statisticians agree with that statement.

Computer forensics defuses FBI's Clinton email 'bombshell'


Re: I sense political meddling.

Someone once say something like "Every four years the great American people are asked to choose between a fool and a crook, the smart money votes for the crook"

So who do they vote for this time?

Can't find any reference to the quote on Google

Samsung are amateurs – NASA shows how you really do a battery fire


Re: Very encouraging!

"Suddenly I am MUCH less worried about the imminent AI/Robot overlord apocalypse."

Yep, just one small slug up the lithiums and they are toast.

EU announces common corporate tax plan


Re: finally a brexit benefit (for EU)

You know, I think we have a word for this. What was it again? Oh yes, 'democracy'.

We do, they don't

The wait is over: MoD releases latest issue of Ship Paint Monthly


Re: Am I missing something?

But a lot more interesting than a Party coference

She cannae take it, Captain Kirk! USS Zumwalt breaks down


Re: Displaced, by gad.

To mop up the watery lube spill

When Irish eyes are filing: Ireland to appeal Europe's $15bn Apple tax claw-back


Apple Tax

Why is Apple paying any tax in Ireland or potentially in the USA when the profits were made in the UK (the rest of Europe can sort its own share out)?

Its goods are manufactured in China, shipped directly to the UK and sold here for real money, if any tax is due on the profit then it should be paid in the state where it is earned.

Microsoft redfaced after Bing translation cockup enrages Saudis


Re: @Dr Scrum Master

Get the real thing here:


Ex-HP boss Carly Fiorina sacked one week into new job


Re: Catch them young...

It seems strange that anyone would buy a book like this but why the hell would you buy a second hand colouring book?

Australia's Dick finally drops off


Re: Next on the list

I had a look at Tayda and on the front page on they had a "SUPER HARD ON DIY PCB GUITAR EFFECT" for only $6, almost as good as Banggood.

Admin fishes dirty office chat from mistyped-email bin and then ...?


Keep out of it

Flash it not the moral police so just keep his beak out. Consider this outcome:

Flash forwards the email to recipient, recipient is not happy with email and reports it , sender quite rightly says that he did not send it to them, Flash in the poo right up to his neck.

What a decent person would not have done is to mention the details to anyone so much better to bounce and not be such a nosey bugger.

If NatWest texts you about online banking fraud, don't click the link


What, both of them?

Wanted man sends selfie to replace 'terrible' police mug shot


Which Photo?

Which photo was he objecting to, the one where he looks like "overfed" or the one where he looks like a dork?

You ain't nothing but a porn dog, prying all the time: Cyber-hound sniffs out hard drives for cops



There is no need for an expensive dog like this, just some dogged determination by Mr Plod to find a lead.

France says 'non' to Wi-Fi and Tor restrictions after terror attack


Re: "It seems...

"Apparently they have carried out over 2,200 raids, closed three mosques, arrested 263 people for questioning and placed another 330 under house arrest."

Nice to see they haven't just been sitting around waiting for the next time.

Tablet computer zoom error saw plane fly 13 hours with 46cm hole


Re: Goooooooo Bill

If a guy driving a Focus runs over your dog, is it Ford's fault?

Nope, it's yours for not controlling the mutt.

Brit-American hacker duo throws pwns on IoT BBQs, grills open admin


Re: What next?

What next?

Internet connected toilets? IoT

I was just thinking along the same lines and, those wonderful Japanese heated toilets. A singed sausage is one thing but, the prospect of a scalded scrotum should concentrate your mind on security.


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