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How Microsoft can keep Win XP alive – and WHY: A real-world example

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Cabinet Office agrees one year XP deal

Well, here's a thing... not quite the scale Liam proposed, but it does perhaps indicate that some customers do matter to M$:


Vodafone's Euro revenues slump by nearly TEN PER CENT

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'Project Spring' needs to be 'project care'

Until they learn that customer care and retention matters they'll continue to haemorrhage loyal customers...

Their mobile business lost me back in the mid nineties after > 10 years as a customer, then they managed to foul up demon sufficiently to lose me a second time last year after ~20 years.

Seems the bean-counters rule ... with the usual results.

NO! Radio broadcasters snub 'end of FM' DAB radio changeover

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Another 'fix' that never gets completed...

FM cover never has replaced AM cover reliably (try driving the Wiltshire Downs or the Marches), DAB cover is of course worse - and Internet cover close to non-existent.

It would be good if the Emperor could could complete his wardrobe to the satisfaction of his subjects before he forced a new variant on us all.

Another case of the techies getting bored and forcing their latest, slightly less great, idea without reference to its real-world utility.

Google: Cloud users have 'no legitimate expectation of privacy'

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So what do chocolate-munching contract negotiations sound like?

A. I'd like to buy some chocolate. How much will you tell my competitors about my fetish?

G. Oh, that's great! Nothing, except what they've asked us to report. BTW, want to buy some some analytics about your core R&D topics? Just tell us the word...

I wonder who weighed the benefits and risks - and checked the small print when the UK government's tech R&D outfit decided to use choc-mail?

Comms giant Vodafone ready to smash up hosting and services market

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Re: Improvements to their wireless broadband

... that could explain 'plodding' service. How much can be squeezed down that pipe?

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Good Luck

Big V has a way to go if the service migration of the formerly-robust (if plodding) and helpful Demon is any basis for judgement. In that case the new mail systems couldn't even reliably deliver CRM-generated migration details to many existing customers - and when they do get migrated (only after all email service stopped did they realise something was up) the new systems can been seen, in real time, to delete valid mails from the servers.

So, the channel may not be an issue (it never was for Demon), but the technical competence, and humility to admit mistakes, may now be.

Now that sounds like the Big V I left 15 years ago!

DHS warns of vulns in hospital medical equipment

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Re: Maybe

Would work nicely if that pesky plug & play interoperability (including all that semantic guff) was fixed and used... unless of course (@ Don Jefe) a single source of equipment is preferable at ransom-level cost!

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