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I saw aliens at Roswell, claims dead PR man


Witness testimony of two people is enough to convict a murderer

It couldn't be possible the guy was telling the truth? There's a lot of skepticism here. Why would the guy keep his mouth shut for all those years? Maybe cause he honored his word and keep his mouth shut cause his government told him. He's not getting any money from the book. He's not part of corporate America like Macdonald Nike and the like lying to tell you need our burgers and trainers.

The average person in the street is a reasonably honest decent citizen otherwise we would have no civilisation at all.

Its a lot to take onboard that they're really here but there's plently of witness testimony out there (in the thousands) and only one has to be telling the truth.

There is a great deal of concensus to the fact that the US government has back engineered ET craft (LT Corso) Lockheed martin EG & G Northrop whatever are still doing it. The late head of Lockheed was quoted as saying "we already have the technology to go to the stars and back' Boyd Bushman tried to sue Lockheed for on the grounds they had a free energy device he knew of while working there. They're here because we are a threat to them. 60yrs ago Hilter was slaughtering millions so was Mao and Stalin. We haven't come far yet but we're almost in space if i was an alien and i saw our track record i be fucking worried. We need to grow up learn to trust people a little more and grow.

Good luck cause at this rate we're not going to make it. Yeah and Mc Kinnon is a hero



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