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Hollywood's made an INTELLIGENT science vs religion film?!


Sounds sappy and goofy considering the evolution of the eye is already common knowledge amongst evolutionary biologists and the scientific field in general so the idea of "where the eye came from" is a disproven religoquack notion yet there are still those out there who will use this chestbut as if it weren't already answered.

No thanks. It obviously isn't THAT intelligent if it's trying to play off a scientist who doesn't even know about already established science.


CONFIRMED: Sophos shifting threat response work to India


As with so many other posters here who have had to deal with the utter mindlessness of Indian tech support and it's utterly useless drones I can only say Good Bye to Sonos and wish them luck but they will no longer be used in my home, office or anywhere else. If they can't provide proper support and trustworthy threat response I will NOT use their product any further.

When a company decides to take the "lowest price in the pub" approach you know they couldn't care less about customers and only about making bank even at the expense of customers.

Good bye Sonos, don't let the door hit you on the way out, cheapskates.


Cannabis can CURE CANCER - cheaply and without getting you high


Not to be a grammar nazi or anything of the sort but there is a significant difference in an intoxicant and an hallucinogen. Cannabis is not classified as hallucinogenic. That classification covers substances such as LSD, mescaline and ecstasy.

I say this both as a long time student of criminology (my post grad) and a long time aficionado.:)


Singing astronaut Chris Hadfield resigns from Canadian Space Agency


A Sarnia Homecoming is Due.

Those of us in Chris' hometown of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada are looking forward to his return and the monstrous welcome back party we will have for him. I promise to lift a pint of the black stuff just for the Reg when we do.:)

...we already renamed the airport here after him (several years ago) so when he flies into Chris Hadfield Airport he will know he is home.



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