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Tesla S P85+: Smiling all the way to the next charging point

king of cardboard

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA)

The people who will buy this are business customers who currently lease S class / Audi A8 / BMW 7 series. With a 100% first year write down when you buy it, the corporation tax relief makes the car more like a £40k+ car with very low running costs.

Bruges Booze tubes to pump LOVELY BEER underneath city

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1" would do it

One step closer to robot butlers: Dyson flashes vid of vacuum sucker bot

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Robots are highly advanced idiots

My beloved Roomba from 7 years ago had a wonderful spiral algorithm for covering the whole room, that was until it, trod in a cat pooh and methodically smeared it over every square inch of my house. The pooh killed poor Roomba, I hope Mr Dyson has solved this glaring design flaw.

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us

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One million new app icons please

The flat design language will look great until you swipe off the oh so tastful home screen, when you will b e bombarded with hideous glassy round edged app icons. Swipe to settings and carded apps are 2 of the. best.jailbreak features, i hope they keep up the good work copying jailbreak features a decent filemanager and a break from itunes would be an innovation


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