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Redmond aims to outshine Eclipse with FREE Visual Studio

Larry Ellinson

Re: about time

In what way is node.js an enterprise class application server? Sure it has a role, but like it or not big business like to buy their software from enterprise class vendors that offer a safety net of support, service and maintenance for reassuringly high licence fees.

Pay-by-bonk chip lets hackers pop all your favourite phones

Larry Ellinson

Re: iPhone 6?

Not just the makers - you'd need the networks to play ball and deliver the updates too. Of course they'd much rather upgrade your phone and extend your contract instead. Security vulnerabilities on older phones aren't a problem - they're an upsell opportunity.

HTC One M8: Reg man takes spin in Alfa Romeo of smartphone world

Larry Ellinson


Can't speak for Macs but MyPhoneExplorer works pretty well for Windows. Can sync direct via bluetooth, wifi, usb (modem drivers for handset required). Need to install apps from Google Play store as well as the PC. Various Handset makers offer their own sync software too.

Apple claims shot in arm for Cupertino from new Fruit Loop HQ

Larry Ellinson


There is a rule of thumb that stockholders should get out of a company the moment they build a new headquarters with a pond and a flagpole as it's all downhill from there on in.

Is there a flagpole?

Is there a pond?

We need to know.

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