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Easy rip'n'replace storage using cheap kit? Nooooo, wail vendors


I agree, but....

I pretty much agree with everything said above regarding management of major systems and the reasoning behind the current model. However, as an end-user and IT manager, I have found that these large system structures for the smaller businesses are just too expensive for the benefits they deliver.

A case study-

We used to have a very expensive managed system on contract from an HP-based vendor. It never let us down and the support was excellent. However, the system only gave us around 16TB of storage, used a LOT of power. The costs a month were pushing a thousand pounds easily.

We now use two mirrored Synology systems at two sites that each have 130TB of storage each.

What we spent in one year was enough to set up the first system with AWS being the temporary online backup while the second system was being set up.

Synology servers (and others) are now commodity items in themselves. Studies have shown (Carnegie Melon, et al) that there is no significant benefit in terms if reliability to buying Enterprise HDDs and this further reduces costs.

Supermassive storage centres may yet continue for a long time, but the smaller companies using Open-Source OS's are bringing about a storage revolution that is going to impinge more and more on traditional storage systems.

A long time ago we reached the position where a removable HDD has greater storage capacity, is much cheaper and more reliable than tape storage systems.

That us true commoditisation at the root level - the User's level.

And speaking an End-User, I can now buy my storage systems practically off-the-shelf and have them installed and running the same day with no huge contracts or massive overheads.

This commoditisation is working for us and I cannot wait to see what the future brings.

If I missed the point, please excuse me, this is my first post.

Susi xx



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