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Hey, O2 punters: Kiss goodbye to 4 MEELLION* Openzone hotspots

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What's Openzone?

I tried Openzone over a period of about six months, starting a couple of years ago when the iPhone 4 was still the new and "in thing" to have. I even got into a some heated email conversations with various chiefs at BT over the fact that BT Openzone often wasn't BT Openzone, but BT FON, or in some cases another paid-only variant that appeared at coffee-shops, airport terminals and the like. All I was asking was for them to separate SSID's according to the actual service offered - but apparently that would have been too expensive. Perish the thought of actually making it easier for a customer to spend money on using their service...

Even when I *could* find a genuine Openzone hotspot, authentication against my O2 account would invariably fail. And even when I did have authentication working on a Hotspot, there'd then be no actual data transfer beyond the authentication transactions themselves.

So all in all, while I want to be annoyed at the removal of yet another part of my contract, I say good riddance to even having the option.

Nuke, because sometimes that *really is* the only option.



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