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Australian Gartner chap slams gov-funded IT education boost


Quality of IT Teachers

There is no point throwing money at trying to improve IT education, when the vast majority of IT teachers are no where near up to date with technology. Most are in there 40-50s and struggle with relevant issues like social media.

I have worked at a leading public school, and have many friends that work at schools throughout Australia. Time and time again I hear stories about students outsmarting their IT teachers, because they are still trying to teach them the basics of Excel, such as how to type into a cell. Kids these days are born with a computer in their hands, they do not need some former IT professional, who was unable to stay relevant in his industry, teaching them the basics of Office 2003.

I know a number of IT professionals who would love to become a teacher, but see no point because of the entire IT teacher community being so out of touch. For a young person like myself who is fairly new in the IT industry, I see the issue of wages as a problem, when I am able to get good money in IT why would I go and get less money and deal with out of touch "leading" teachers, who think VB6 is a relevant programming language.

From a Principals perspective though, they have almost no choice but to hire these former IT professional dropouts, due to the lack of available competent new teachers. I have heard Principals complain that they receive only 1 or 2 CV's when posting a new IT teacher position, compared to hundreds they receive for English teaching.



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