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Amazon wants in on single-credit-card biz


Re: But...

Google Wallet is indeed very similar to this. The App allows you to store multiple store loyalty cards in your Google Wallet, plus it allows you to link multiple credit/debit cards and a bank account. You can have funds stored in your Wallet to spend online and transfer money, or you can. It's a bit like PayPal really - don't they have any patents for this?

There is now also a physical Google Wallet Card (in the US only) that taps into your Wallet account for funds. The part I'm unsure of here is whether that allows you to spend only the funds currently in your Wallet, or allows you to "passthrough" funds from your bank account and/or debit/credit cards.

All that said, I can't believe someone like Google hasn't submitted similar patent applications for what Coin and Amazon are proposing. I wonder how the lawyers accept their payments?


Smartwatch face off: Pebble, MetaWatch and new hi-tech timepieces

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Usefulness of Pebble increasing

I've had my Pebble since late February and it's been a revelation for me. The in-use battery life of my smartphone has increased because I don't have to check it every minute or so for texts/emails and I only need to reach for my phone if I see a message is important. I even keep the ring volume and vibration on my phone off because the Pebble allows for discrete.

The Runkeeper integration is great if you're the fitness type and there is now Free Caddie (golf course info app) integration if that's your thing. It's this type of app integration that will really start to drive the take up of these watches and it's good to see a developer community growing behind it.



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