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Microsoft's next device could be a Surface Watch


It may be a go-er....

....it may not. But whatever happens, it'll be strong enough to contain tonnes of water and a couple of humpedback whales....


Microsoft lathers up Windows 8.0 Surface RT for quick price shave


Never mind the RT....

...they need to address the eye-watering cost of the Pro as well. I went to have a look at one with a view to a later-in-the-year purchase, £799 is just too rich for my blood - especially with the, to my thick-thumbed-hand, touch keyboard. Drop it by at least £200 and chuck in the physically better keyboard FoC, then you might start getting more interest. Sad about the RT not being better than it is. Best kill it off now and nudge Nokia into doing a WP8 Phablet instead methinks....


Glasgow subway's new smart tickets aren't, moan passengers


Re: If

You could protest if you wish, but would the result of a riot in Glasgow have any noticable impact on the area? It's already World War Z as it is....


Vodafone revenues hit as customers in Europe hang onto their cash


Re: Money, money, money

Having pee'd money up the wall buying a PlayBook I now don't use and don't want, I'm trying to stick true-to-form ;-)


Money, money, money

Might explain why I got a sales call off them a fortnight ago, when only 3 months into my SIM-only contract:

Do I want to upgrade my wife's PAYG tariff to a contract? No, and that's her decision anyway.

Do I have a tablet? Yes

What tablet is it? A PlayBook

Is it 3G? No

Would I like a 3G tablet? No, I'm saving for a Surface Pro

Would you like Vodafone's SmartTablet, that's Windows 8 you know? No it's not, it's Android

Do I have a laptop? Yes thanks, it's only 12 months old

Do you take it outside of the house? Yes, when I go on holiday

Would I like a Vodafone 3G dongle for mobile broadband? No thanks, I'll stick with free wifi hotspots

Would you like an additional phone for only £8/month? No thanks, I don't need one.

Do you have any children? Would they like a phone? No, they're 7 and 2!!!!!

OK, is there anything else you'd like to buy from us? No. NO NO NO NO NO.



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