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New iPhones: C certainly DOESN'T stand for 'Cheap'

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Re: Affordability my arse

Apple are now becoming so predictable. Coloured plastic backs are indeed the signature of the Lumia range of phones. They take a little from one rival, a little from another, mix it all together and then condemn the rest as ripping THEM off! Hypocrites!

YES the 5C phones ARE much cheaper, just not to the CONSUMERS. Nice way to grow margin.

Let's be bold and make a prediction - new range of ipad / ipad minis with PLASTIC BACKS! Whoo!

Who'd have thought that?

Fingerprint reader - YAWN. Innovation? Had it on an old lenovo laptop - I hope they've thought of a bypass for it so techies can work on the bloody things without requiring one of your fingers....

Wake up, Uncle Fester! Huawei’s nattering about BUYING Nokia

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Re: Pity to see

It's not a closed system, so they wouldn't be circulating. Circling perhaps?

If it wasn't for Microsoft, Nokia could well be toast already.

Did you ask Steve Ballmer out and he turned you down?

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us

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Re: MS to fire up their photocopiers!

Trust Hardon to get an MS jibe in. What did MS do to you? Did they touch you in your "special place"?

You have far tooooo much hate for it to be nothing. Did you apply for a job and they turned you down?

Be a lover not a hater.....

Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want

Eadon Trifles


Ah just when I thought you'd had a blow to the head and were being reasonable....

You love Linux, we know, you got the T-shirt and the matching pants.

People would find you less boring if you put your anti-MS rants aside and made good, valid points.

As for App stores, take your pick, they all do the same thing and get a cut and a Linux app store will happen if it hasn't already (I've lapsed in my subscription to Linux and Flagellation Monthly).

Are you about 12? Is hair starting to grown "down there" and you want to ask questions about your feelings for girls and how they work?

Linux will NOT get anywhere in the "home PC" arena while it's a billion different versions and has nerd snobbery attached to it. FACT. In that respect, even Umbungo has failed. MS might not listen, but with Linux there is nobody to HEAR you. The home user wants things simple; they don't want to mess with distros and command prompts. 90% of home users are not technical at all - good luck turning them off MS - besides, where does your moral and intellectual superiority elevate you to? You sneer at the people at home using PCs as stupid because they choose to use something that is popular?

We get it, you're too clever for us, and you're totally right, but I think about now it's time that YOU and LINUX, got a room......

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of

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Windows 8 - "It just WORKS"

Been using Windows 8 since launch - both personally and professionally - it's fine.

Nobody likes change - it doesn't mean it won't happen - good or bad.

I had to smile at the "we listened" part - 99% of complaints are about the lack of a start menu, so what do they do? Not give you the old start menu back which would have a) pleased 99% of complainers and b) be used as an "incredible u-turn" stick to beat MS with. Can you see Apple making such a massive u-turn? No. It's not going to happen. Look at what happened to HP's cancelled tablet....

Install Classic Shell if you want a start menu or Start-8 - problem solved. Or go buy Win 7 and install that.

Market research SHOULD be about finding out what customers want and delivering THAT, but all too often it's about making the product you think they want and then trying to convince us we NEED it.

Microsoft loads botnet-crushing data into Azure

Eadon Trifles

wait for it....

cue Eadon rant........

Microsoft: Next WinPhone 8 update to arrive this summer

Eadon Trifles

Eadon withdraws comment shocker?!

Omelette meet face.


Windows 8 'sales' barely half as good as Microsoft claims

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Thumb Down

Naughty Microsoft

The haven't made a good product since Dos 5.3. Their software is full of stuff to make it easy to use, which is nonsense. Of course I have the horn for Linux and Apple.

Seriously, I visit customers every day to fix their PCs and :

95 % are Windows

4.9% are Apple and of those about 95% don't know what they are doing. Yes truly no idea, but they bought a Mac because a) they have money and b) it's "supposed to be good"

0.1% are Linux and they haven't got a clue either but got it because they were GIVEN it.


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