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We ain't in 1996 anymore, Dorothy: SQL Server 2016 proves it


MS Coolaid

I see the author drinks lots of MS Coolaid.

Stop resetting your passwords, says UK govt's spy network


Re: No words in any language

Nonsense. with a password 'hello hot world trees' where would your 'position' the word 'hot' to crack this password? and what would you use to fill the gap between the other words in the password?

The reality of this kind of crack would require ALL the words AND spaces to be in the correct order to work?

Words to put dread in a sysadmin's heart: 'We are moving our cloud from Windows to Linux'


Resource usage

All you have to do to determine if one is better than the other OS wise is to watch the performance monitor on each, all CPU's move together in a Windows world, while CPU's in a Linux system, baring minor differences in the Scheduler will demonstrate scaleability.

And as for Java, Windows overhead seems get into the face of Java more, with regards to controls, at the expense of performance and resource usage.

In general you can expect about 25% to 30% of any compute resource to be consumed by Windows Overhead, compared to Linux.

LA air traffic meltdown: System simply 'RAN OUT OF MEMORY'


Recursive programming

It sounds like a perfect example of using recursive programming in the wrong way.

Bugger the jetpack, where's my 21st-century Psion?


You also have left the entire Nokia 700/800/900 padlets I still have my Psion organizer IIcm which I used as a portable terminal for testing MicroVAX IIs , and my Nokia N900 is still a working Linux phone, Server, Terminal.

Antarctic glacier 'melted just as fast Long before human carbon emissions'


And where was Man, 8000 years ago, anyone, maybe another species perhaps?

For Windows guest - KVM or XEN and which distro for host?


Re: For Windows guest - KVM or XEN and which distro for host?

At no time have I seen WHAT you are trying to accomplish. As a systems guy, first you spec your mission, then detail the pieces/parts needed to reach the mission objectives.

What are you trying to do, and where the hell did you come up with the 'requirements' wish list?

Now we know why UK spooks simply shrugged at SSL encryption


Cost of Decryption

What part of encryption don't you get. There is NO computer based encryption that can not be decrypted by another computer. The reason for crypto is cost. If I encrypt my dental appointment, what value will that be, to apply an hour of compute time to read that? Worth it, not really, multiply that by the hundreds of emails between mothers and son's about the weather that are wasted in the NSA computers? If everyone encrypted their chocolate chip cookie recipes, there would be a huge mushroom cloud rising over the NAS from computers melting down.

The motivation of encryption is to make it TOO expensive for the casual hacker to take the time to perform decryption on. There are encryption methods that a computer can not decrypt, but they are slow human/manual in nature.

And in the end, if you know that the cost barrier has been lowered, you increase the key strength, or algorithm used.

Analyst: Tests showing Intel smartphones beating ARM were rigged


Optimizers are funny things

Before you claim conspiricy, look for incompentence, in the early days of VAX/VMS there was a FORTRAN compiler optimizer that would eliminate ALL the code from a benchmark if you left out a print or output statement, no output, no reason to execute it...

Swollen cloud could burst at any time, splatter us with FAIL – anxious tech biz


I'm glad this is only an opinion

You mention a lot of vague concerns about the 'Cloud' and mash it up with 'Big Data' (great buzz words BTW) but no real focus, or reasons given for the 'FAIL' in your title.

The connection of the Cloud with the Dot.Com bust, is without merit, as they are concerned with two entirely different events/foundations/technologies, That's a Fail, however I do agree with the 'misunderstanding' the cloud thing and hype surrounding it. In my own way the first mission of a consultant dealing with the cloud should be the clarification of the facts surrounding the Cloud, Not the mystification of those features.

Lastly, you don't give any solutions to the possible (though improbable) Cloud Failures to come.

Nuke plants to rely on PDP-11 code UNTIL 2050!


Multi User PDP11

Actually you called VMS multi-user, however PDP-11's had both RSX-11M(+) which is multi-user and a multi-user version of RT (Real Time). VMS was only a 'Virtual' extention to the PDP instruction set.

'WikiLeaks of financial data' prompts worldwide hunt for tax evaders


Reality check

Considering the people involved, IF the money is still there by the time the governments ACTUALLY look for it, there will be nothing done. Perhaps a little insider political blackmail but most likely you will never hear another word about it!

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