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Julian Assange wins at hide-and-seek game against Sweden


Re: But but but.......

"Have not anyone cross examined or interrogated those women to confirm whether this was a honeytrap ?"

That's something which would usually happen as part of the trial proceedings, which never happened because he dodged out of the country despite knowing he was wanted for questioning on additional charges (or at least his lawyer was aware of this)


Re: Actions == consequences

Actually if he were sent over to Sweden under a European Arrest Warrant then Sweden wouldn't be permitted (under the terms of the arrest warrant) to extradite him without the permission of the UK. If it's true that the UK can't extradite him without the consent of Oz, I suspect this would mean we couldn't sign off on anything other than Sweden sending him to Oz or Oz agreeing to have him sent

We are 'heroes,' says police chief whose force frisked a photographer


The rules are kind of... odd, since iirc it varies depending on why the police are stopping you (stop and account vs stop and search for example), but generally there's very little information you're legally required to provide unless you're under suspicion of a crime

Facebook is abusive. It's time to divorce it


Re: What I find even more sinister...

Facebook makes *heavy* use of tracking cookies and ad networks to create user profiles. Most likely they used that to identify the machine as owned by someone who had visited those facebook pages (or something along those lines) and so recommended them. Or even if it was just one of them Facebook would have pulled the data of who else you might know out of that person's profile

Republicans want IT bloke to take fall for Clinton email brouhaha


Given they've said he was refusing to produce things via his lawyer, I'm curious what the other side of this argument is. From the letter, they first claim that no justification was given for refusing them, but then they say that his lawyer insisted requests were made in writing (which doesn't seem unreasonable for legal documents) and that they claimed not to have anything to provide based on their reading of the supoena. Doesn't mean they didn't do anything wrong, but it does suggest there might be more to this than just "we're not telling you nothing!"

Stanford Uni's intro to CompSci course adopts JavaScript, bins Java


Re: Just teach them Python

I'd probably go with both python and C# so they get experience of two different languages, including a compiled one. That should expose them to a decent range of programming concepts while also giving them two languages used in industry already. Much as I'd like to encourage C++ or something else a bit closer to the metal, you'd spend a lot more time on getting them through the initial setup than I think would be worth while

Fitbit hit on Pebble kit cost just 20 million quid? Oh s**t!


At the end of the universe there will be nothing except a stack of Nokia 3310s

Cuffing Assange a 'priority' for the USA says attorney-general


Re: Is an Australian even allowed to run for Parliament?

Also he'd have trouble doing any of the usual duties an MP has, like running surgeries where constituents can bring their problems to him, when he can't leave the embassy. Being an MP wouldn't prevent his arrest or even his extradition as far as I'm aware

Opportunity rover gets bored of spot it's explored since 2014


Actually it was mis-communications when getting parts manufactured abroad, primarily the americans worked with the American standard football field and the third parties worked with the UK football field standard

Good job, everyone. We're making AI just as tediously racist and sexist as ourselves


Re: Lets find something to be offended about

So from what I can understand of this, racial and gender based discrimination is natural for humans is natural because the majority of humans fall into a particular category of psychology, and therefore it's good to discriminate. Also women are destroying the country by having too much power and not having enough babies, assisted by "parasitic primitive culture" immigrants.

As far as the psychology goes, it looks like an attempt to map a largely abandoned ecological theory about how different species ensure survival, either having lots of offspring or investing a lot in their offspring, onto socio-political ideas and conspiracy theories about the suppression of "K-type humans" which don't actually relate to the raising of children (which seems to be all this theory dealt with)

Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips


In this one case I'd actually disagree. I've got an aunt who's completely non-technical, got herself a nice laptop to replace an old desktop and found it so difficult to use she's largely made do with her tablet. After showing her classic shell to make it more like "what she had before" she's actually using the laptop again. Even for non-technical users, the extent of the changes in 10 are a pain in the ass

Drupal sci-fi sex scandal deepens: Now devs spank Dries over Gor bloke's banishment


Sounds like an over-reaction from the Drupal guys if I'm honest. Unless that kind of thing was showing in his attitudes outside of occasional, fully consensual, events, I don't see how it has any impact on whether he's able to do his job or treat others fairly

Prisoners built two PCs from parts, hid them in ceiling, connected to the state's network and did cybershenanigans


Re: VLC?

US prisons have an incredibly strict lock down on outside communications, at least in part because of the money they make off of phone calls home through the prisons systems. As far as the prison is concerned, pidgin and voip is probably more serious than the porn or a lot of the actual crimes as far as they're concerned

Trump's govt hiring freeze means there's no US Privacy Shield chief: We tracked down the woman filling in for now


Seems like quite a sensible pick for the role. Wonder how long she'll get to keep it

Law Commission pulls back on official secrets laws plans after Reg exposes flawed report


I don't know what her position was on this particular legislation while she was in the home office, but May has certainly been in favour of pushing for more powers for intelligence agencies with less transparency. I'd be surprised if she wasn't part of the team that drafted (or at least managed the drafting of) this bill

NY court slaps down Facebook's attempt to keep accounts secret from search warrants


Re: A warrant is a warrant

As I understood it, the company is required to retain the data until this is resolved, otherwise it could be considered contempt of court amongst other things. I agree they shouldn't be able to abuse the process, but until it hits the supreme court they have a right to keep pushing it.

Also, as mentioned in the article, while the case is still ongoing Facebook has already handed over at least some of the data under threat of contempt of court, so this seems to be related more to future cases rather than the warrants that started the case


Re: A warrant is a warrant

In fairness the reason they were in court was to challenge the warrants as invalid, not because they were ignoring them. The ability to challenge a warrant and have it reviewed by the court is as much part of the legal system as the warrants themselves

Ofsted downplays site security concerns


"Up until now, we have opted for a non-disruptive approach, based on the 'implied consent' of users,"

Pretty sure 'implied consent' is explicitly disallowed under the rules the government passed a while back regarding storing cookies. Interesting to see the government still isn't sticking to those rules, while expecting others to

T-Mobile US CEO offers kid a year's supply of chicken nuggets for switching from AT&T


Only in Scotland

Oracle says it is 'committed' to Java EE 8 – amid claims it quietly axed future development


Re: Die Java Die

I don't think they are, Java is *incredibly* unpopular with a lot of the programming community, at least in part because of the overly verbose syntax and bloat

FBI won't jail future US president over private email server


Re: Female Privilege

In all fairness to Hillary (which isn't saying much), the FBI have also previously stated that this was a state of affairs which previous secretaries of state also had in place, it's just Clinton is the first to be investigated for it. It doesn't *justify* her doing it, but it does explain why the FBI might be reluctant to pull her in over it (they'd have to pull in at least the last two secretaries of state as well and explain why they didn't investigate/charge them)

Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition


"Only UK or British citizens and residents can create or sign a petition"

Just to check, does that mean you have to be both a UK citizen *and* a resident, or can it be an either or thing? A lot of ex-pats are still citizens and will be worried about the idea of splitting away from the EU

Utah sheriffs blow $10,000 on smut-sniffing Labrador


I'm confused what this is even supposed to achieve, are they just looking for any flash drives and will the search them for porn? How exactly do they get a warrant for that, given the dog couldn't possibly sniff out just drives with porn, or specifically illegal porn? This just... what?

Microsoft cancels Remain speech after death of Labour MP


Re: Bill Gates supports Remain

And on the other side you've got Nigel Farage, Rupert Murdoch and Boris Johnson. Frankly there's arseholes on both sides of the argument, so you're better ignoring the supporters and looking at what the actual effects would be (and what evidence there is for them)


Re: Shitstorm V2

As someone in Scotland who experienced the independence referendum first hand, it wasn't even in the same league as the bullshit that's being spouted during this campaign (although it's quite funny to hear the same arguments being trotted out by the Brexit camp as were by the Scottish independence camp)

Non-US encryption is 'theoretical,' claims CIA chief in backdoor debate


Re: Really?

OX App Suite is another option, it's available for free and can be hosted on any Linux box, provides the same kind of functionality as Microsoft Exchange and their HQ is in Germany


Re: What's an encryption product (in this context)?

Bugs in OpenSSH would be more bypassing it rather than backdoors, as far as I was aware what they're after is people building in ways to bypass which they notify the CIA etc about and then keep there, rather than rightly fixing it as a bug

SpaceX winning streak meets explosive end


Re: So random...

The crashes seem to come from new issues rather than existing ones, so they're gradually improving their functionality. At the same time this was a successful commercial launch of the geostationary satellite mentioned, which means they still get paid.

The main reason for pushing for re-usable first stage is to cut the cost of launches enough they can launch at a significantly reduced rate over the Russian rockets, meaning large amounts of business. Worst case they can't get the reusable stages working and have to push their prices up for launches



I believe they're only partially tax payer funded (in the sense that NASA is providing assistance in the hopes of getting to use the Falcon 9 to cut the cost of their own launches), with a large proportion of their funding coming from the launch of satellites like the geostationary one which went up in this launch.

12 years of US Air Force complaints lost in database crash


If a BOFH is involved they're probably the ones who deleted the complaints. Oh sorry, "tested" the backups of the database

Oooooklahoma! Where the cops can stop and empty your bank cards – on just a hunch


Re: wait....... what?

It doesn't go into escrow because you don't get it back unless you take the cops to court and prove that the funds aren't the result of criminal acts. They don't need to take you to court, they just have to have a "suspicion" it was obtained through criminal acts. It's a bizarre idea, given it's essentially pre-trial punishment without even *needing* a trial, but that's what they consider reasonable search and seizure apparently

Scots denied Saltire emoji


Seems a bit of a daft comparison, since Martinique is an overseas territory of France, and it'd be more accurate to compare it to the Falklands than Scotland. If there had been a separate English one but not Welsh and/or Scots then fair enough, but if all parts of the UK have to use the Union Jack then that seems pretty reasonable, otherwise you end up with hundreds of separate flags having to be included.

Can't see if they're included, but Catalonia is probably a better comparison for Scotland in terms of including flags

England just not windy enough for wind farms, admits renewables boss


Re: Nuclear

The main limitation currently for thorium powered reactors (which do seem like an excellent solution until renewables become more cost effective) is finding a material which can contain the thorium salt without breaking down due to its corrosive effects. It also seems there's been at least some degree of lobbying against it by established nuclear power interests, particularly the companies who've invested in uranium mining and would see their margins disappear given how easy thorium is to get hold of


Re: Tidal?

We've actually got quite a lot of renewable stuff up in Scotland (quick check suggests it's around 57%) and iirc we're a net exporter to the national grid. There probably is some loss, but not as much as you might think since the whole reason for high voltage pylons is to reduce power loss during transfer from remote power stations

Honestly though, while I'm all for renewables as a power source, they are going to need more research and investment in pilot schemes since it's heavily dependent on regional conditions. Until then the best way to reduce carbon emissions is probably to invest more in nuclear, but good luck getting that passed in parliament

Sweden decides Julian Assange™ 'remains detained in absentia'


I think I remember an article a while back suggesting he already has

Home Office declares: Detained immigrants shall have internet


So they're allowed to use the internet to keep up social connections, just not through any social networks?

'Knucklehead' Kansas bloke shoots self in foot


Something I'm a little surprised at is that the concealed carry licence doesn't require you carry the weapon in a suitable holster to prevent risk of injury to bystanders. Actually I'm kind of surprised that safe storage of firearms isn't part of *all* gun licences, but if you're carrying a concealed one it certainly seems like you should be required to do that, rather than just stick it in a sock

Researcher arrested after reporting pwnage hole in elections site


Re: Gary McKinnon

Well there was also a pretty sizeable expense caused by him bypassing their security systems. Admittedly the expense was "doing their damn job andgetting their systems properly secured", but technically was still an expense


Re: Breaking into computers you don't own..

Not quite as bad as Coventry City, where the police were letting themselves into houses where the owner had forgotten to lock the door and tweeting photos of themselves there. Was an official police program too, they were intending it as a way to get people to pay more attention to their house security, but I suspect leaflets would have been preferred in that case

Brit polar vessel christened RRS Sir David Attenborough


Re: It's All Wrong

If it's a sumbarine it'd be Sinky McSinkface, surely?

A Brit cloud biz and an angry customer wanting a refund: A Love Story


You know, it just occurred to me that Monster Cloud's representative explicitly stated that, because they were "abusive", the company will intentionally drag their feet over giving a refund beyond what they usually would need to. Are they actually allowed to do that kind of thing? Seems petty as hell, but also seems like they're not acting in good faith


Re: Strange outfit...

Most of what's in there is, afaik, acceptable as far as contracts go. If they increase the price you have a legal right to terminate the contract, and I believe they're required to give you a set amount of notice. The problem arises with the non-refundable lump sum for 12 months of service. That's not a subscription at that point, if there were to be no additional charges then they've already *paid* for the service, and I'm pretty sure Monster Cloud is required to provide that service for the full duration

edit: There may be exceptions to this in the case of abuse etc, but I don't see any reason why they'd apply in this case

Iranian cyberspy phishing rod pulled from the waters and exposed


Re: Gmail?

I'd guess it's the business version of gmail? A lot of companies use their service as the back end processing system so they don't need to deal with spam filtering etc

F-35s failed 'scramble test' because of buggy software


Re: This is how the US is preserving its air superiority

Unfortunately the politics don't really work out if you try and do that. The Army has been hugely reliant on the A-10 for ground support (given it has significantly heavier armour than any helicopter so can do low pass attack runs with minimal risk), but the Air Force has been trying to get it scrapped for decades because it doesn't fit what they see as their remit (air-to-air combat) and they think it's too old a design to be useable, instead wanting to scrap it and funnel the money from it into even more work on the F-35 (which has ended up not being finished anywhere near as early as it would have needed to be to take the place of the A-10)

Greenpeace leaks TTIP texts, reveals strained negotiations


"In response to the leak, EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has blogged to say the leak is of a negotiating text that merely shows that there remain differences between the US and EU positions on the treaty."

They keep making this claim, that it's somehow not a problem what's in the leaked texts because they're "draft copies" or "negotiating text". Surely the whole point of that kind of document is that at least one side is pushing to have that particular wording signed off on? We're not talking about internal notes, we're talking about a copy of the document which people are being asked to sign, even if there is still negotiating going on

Switch survives three hours of beer spray, fails after twelve


> Rugby is a very British sport, to allow men hug each other without any kind of protection...

Actually a lot of them will wear funny hats these days

E-cigarettes help save lives, says Royal College of Physicians


I'd like it if they showed the studies backing what they've said, but it does seem a fairly sensible stance for them to take. Primary risk with vaping seems to be contaminated nicotine vials, which I don't see any issue with regulating (random checks on batches for purity etc), but it shouldn't be difficult to set something like that up and certainly shouldn't involve a 6 month approval process

FBI ends second iPhone fight after someone, um, 'remembers' the PIN


Re: "Remembered" the PIN

Maybe they just didn't bother asking him? "Oh, there was a mistake in the records, we thought we'd discussed it with him but it was actually another case got mixed up"


Re: Q: How is the government ever going to convict bad guys without access to encryption?

Please stand still, our remote aerial bomb disposal unit will be with you shortly

Ten years in the clink, file-sharing monsters! (If UK govt gets its way)


Re: Actually, no

The issue with sub-prime mortgages wasn't the mortgages themselves, but rather that they were packaged up with enough other, more reliable, loans and then rated highly for investment security. Because of this, large numbers of people invested in them thinking they were a safe bet, when in actual fact they weren't. There weren't any charges for this, but I don't know if it was technically illegal (and it would be difficult for the government to prosecute, given the people who rated them highly are the ones who set the country's credit rating, and so the rates that countries can borrow money at)


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