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Tech firm CEOs more restrained than most at limiting personal pay

Superba Frango

Ratio is understated

You have to keep in mind that most electronics companies like Oracle have outsourced a significant portion of the manpower used to bring their product to market, and therefore artificially have raised the rate of "average worker salary". 30 years ago, it was company badged people who built the thing, manned the phones, and cleaned the toilets. Now all of these have been "outsourced" to low cost regions (China for the manufacturing, India for the call centers) or US based outsourcing firms (janitorial firms, security firms, etc.). So these are no longer "worker salaries" for the company...they are Cost of Good sold, G&A, etc. So figure in the $2K a year line worker, the $6K a year call center person, the $28K a year janitor and see what the ratios are now!



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