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Brit prisoners to be kept on the straight and narrow with JavaScript and CSS

Telford dave

Just the 21st century version of the traditional sewing of mailbags surely?

UK warships to have less firepower than 19th century equivalents as missiles withdrawn

Telford dave

Outsourcing Option

Aircraft carriers without aircraft, ships without missiles, why don't we just outsource the fleet to Cunard and at least get some cash return.

Self-driving cars doomed to be bullied by pedestrians

Telford dave

The US advantage

In the end the US may have a clear advantage here as their legislation on Kerb Crawling means that pedestrians generally are less bold that elsewhere. Sooner or later that will emerge as a benefit as the risk profile may be lower for autonomous vehicles at any speed.

The issue may also be what your comparitors are. if you are a driver comparing autonomous it does not make much sense, but if you are a non-driver comparing autonomous cars against buses or even suburban rail there is a speed benefit. Good to remember more than a third of our population cant drive.

No 10's online EU vote signup crash 'inevitable' – GDS overseer

Telford dave

Inevitable by design

GDS should look at themselves.

Because GDS actively discourages transaction pricing it discourages suppliers to provide horizontal scalability for service like this. They much prefer the predictability of fixed service capacity scalable in more traditional ways.

In this instance the supplier can say it performed to capacity as can the department. As usual the poor public suffers from poor IT policy and solution design.

Steelie Neelie finds phone calls are cheaper in Latvia than in Luxembourg

Telford dave

Inconsistency in European policy

Eurocrats have banned "grey market goods" or goods that sell lower in one market being exported to another. I believe levi jeans were the classic case back in the 90's.

In the 2000's they have moved on to services but with a reverse policy stance "we all should pay the same" with mobile phone providers the poster child for bad practice.

Any other bureaucracy would be embarrassed by the double standard.

Apple FINGERED our personal packages every day, claim shop staff

Telford dave

A matter of trust.

Although some random checks are proportionate if you are doing this on a systematic basis you have to ask Apple:

"Why do you employ staff that are untrustworthy?"

"If you consider your staff are untrustworthy why should your customers trust them?"

British biz walking around with 'Hack Me' sign taped to its back

Telford dave

Get real

Most SMEs dont have dedicated resources for anything (payroll, employment law, purchasing,)The real dissapointment is how few commodity service provider (cloud, ASPs etc) make any real policies or service levels around security either.

But I doubt IET will take on the provider community.

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