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The butterfly defect: MacBook keys wrecked by single grain of sand


Jony Ive is a pompous hack

Clueless Tim Cook has allowed Jony Ive to destroy the usefulness of every Apple product.

Ive is the Trump of consumer-electronics design: With no ideas of his own, he only seeks to destroy the achievements of generations of predecessors.

His idiotic, played-out, and embarrassing mania for "thinness" (which no one asked for) has been used as an excuse to hideously cripple one product after another.

Apple needs to fire this asshole and get its house in order.

PlayStation daddy on new PS4: She's ALL 'PLAY', NO 'Station' this time


Yes, because MP3 playback is "too hard."

BS, Sony.

This is a response to backlash over the fact that the PS4 doesn't have basic media-playback capability. Not even CD playback, which is built into every cheap-as-dirt Chinese DVD drive!

The media player and UI on the PS3 are pathetic, but instead of fixing them with a simple user interface, Sony just DELETES the functionality altogether! Oh, but they had time to REQUIRE Facebook integration for user avatars and photos, instead of simply using the camera that COMES WITH the system.

As time goes on, it's clear that there aren't enough designers to do the work that's required.

Apple's next OS X said to be targeted at 'power users'


Finder: a disgrace

There's no excuse for having to use a plug-in or hack like PathFinder to fix glaring and elementary deficiencies in a FILE BROWSER. Finder stands as an insult to users and an embarrassment to Apple year after year.

A file browser that doesn't even sort properly (with folders AT THE TOP of sorted lists)? That doesn't show you WHERE search results have been found (because there's no path shown for each hit)? That doesn't start searches in the selected folder by default, or even offer that as an option. That doesn't create a new folder within the selected folder when you say "New folder", but instead creates it at the root of the volume (which is often off-screen). That litters your computer and any others you browse with DS_STORE turds, to save display options and other crap instead of storing it LOCALLY.

What kind of inbred thought process leads a programmer to design a file browser that spews files onto every OTHER computer it visits? That's just offensive. Not to mention a totally defective design, since the next person who browses that same directory will overwrite the turds you left.

Finder was supposed to be "rewritten from the ground up" years ago. What happened? Nothing. It's the same defective POS it's always been.

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