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IBM CEO Rometty swaps heads of strategy and servers


Re: smoke and mirror

Same here - Im based in NY and had to purchase monitor and notebook by myself in order to be able to do my work. The IBM provided equipement was nearly 6 years old.

The office chair Im sitting on is 30 years old (manufacturing date is printed on the bottom). Approx. 3-4 years ago they stopped cleaning offices. You are sitting in dirt except you buy cleaning materials and stay after work to clean up. They also removed every 2nd light bulb to save energy - and bear in mind the offices have no windows.

This goes further ... offices are literally falling apart. IBM fixes/maintains mainly entrance areas. In my building the hallway to the meeting rooms that are frequented by customers are maintained. Other parts look like an abandoned factory building with for instances water leaking in, roddens and missing floor elements.



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