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IBM CEO Rometty swaps heads of strategy and servers


Re: smoke and mirror

I work for IBM STG in RTP, NC. I have to provide all of my own office supplies - pens, pencils, paper, white board markers, you name it. I only have a monitor on my desk for my laptop b/c I snagged it from someone who left the company.

I have a friend that moved from STG to SWG, and she told me that there are office supplies available there. So, preferential treatment for the money makers. It also shows in our offices...SWG has clean, modern facilities. STG is in dirty, cockroach-ridden buildings, with System x in the worst of the worst. I second the comment above about the desk chairs, etc. It is shameful.

IBM selling x86 server business to Lenovo?


Re: Not happy about that, but I guess it was inevitable.

Lenovo semi-recently announced that they are expanding their server HW presence in NC, including bringing some manufacturing over from China. Coincidence?

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