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NZ plans interception law refresh


Re: I need help...

John Key has been caught lying about the illegal activities of the spy department he's personally responsible for.

So to hide from responsibility he and his mates are pretending that a clear and unambiguous breach of the law governing GCSB spying was just a silly little administrative blunder and they'll fix it by making it legal for the GCSB to spy on New Zealanders.

This is exactly what they did when the NZ police were caught ignoring their legal responsibilities regarding spying on suspects - the National government made it legal (although in that case it did make more sense).

There is no accountability for authority when it breaks the law, and in the unfortunate absence of an effective opposition likely little accountability at ballots either - not that elites tend to hold each pother accountable anyway.

The most ridiculous thing about this is the nonsensical argument Key is making that we have to stop cyber-theft of our terrible secrets about weapons. Yes he really argues that New Zealand has terrible secrets about WMD's that need to be protected from theft by a change in law that already allows GCSB to spy on people suspected of that to let them spy on anybody for other reasons.

When we know that 100% of all the people we know the GCSB has illegally spied on are not, were not, and never have been a threat to NZs security.

Those people they spied on illegally were probably not spies or potential terrorists but anti-government activists, environmental protestors and the like.

This new law will be an effective combining of our Police, SIS and GCSB into one agency with unlimited authority to spy.

Logitech launches MEGA-PRICEY 15-in-1 remote


Harmony One

I have long used a harmony One to control my media - a TV, Projector, Receiver, HD Recorder, Cable Box, Media Player and HTPC with excellent results.

I have worked by way through many, many remotes until finding the Harmony brand which succeeds where others fail, in my experience, because it's the only brand who's remotes are context sensitive.

By which I mean the function of buttons changes according to what you're doing.

Once the remote is configured - and this is Logitechs biggest weakness - it is magic. However configuring them involves software that is extremely awkward to use. It is aimed at helping the clueless as much as possible and fails to be easy enough why frustrating more clueful people at the same time.

If one spends a lot of time learning one can configure their Harmony Remotes with extreme precision, but it requires dedication.

People are right to be frustrated at the state of IR control. In this day and age we ought be seeing a standardised RF protocol for remote control that reports state to controllers.

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