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Cutting CO2 too difficult? Try these 4 simple tricks instead


Are we Super Humans?

Do you seriously think you can control the seas rising or falling? Ice ages or no Ice ages? Google may control many/most humans, but controlling the planet is a completely different thing. A true honest discussion should be made using Millenia as numbers not decades or years. One Millenia before we had a Mini-Ice age which kicked off the Dark ages, cold climate, crop failures, kicked off disease, plague, cholera, de-populating Europe by 60% over 300 years. Thankfully it has been warming since then. 7 Millenia ago there was a land bridge from Asia to Alaska. 15 Millenia ago Northern Europe and Northern America were covered in Ice. The Sahara used to be a grassland. 80% of Earth's history, we had no Ice. Redwood forests were plentiful in Alaska. So now we are so smart that we can control the weather??? If we could control it, Is colder really better, than warmer?? The tropics (between 23 degrees and equator) are the most life abundant areas on the planet, and the coldest areas have the least life. Or do we say that now is perfect, and all change would be bad. Unenlightened thought to the maximum. Foolish human clinging to control.



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