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Solaris 12 disappears from Oracle's roadmap


What does this mean for Oracle database?

Back in the day, the thing to do was run Oracle DB on Solaris.

If Solaris is effectively being EOL'd, what does this mean for Oracle DB?

Shaky liftoff for Sputnik: Dell's Linux lappie runs its own cloud, ish



What all of us Linux folks want is a 4:3 video screen.

1920x1200 on 15.something inches is nirvana for us Linux geeks

1680x1050 on a smaller screen in ok too.

But get rid of these BluRay video screens. We geeks don't want them. We don't care if we get black bars at the top/bottom of movies being played back.

What we geeks what is rows upon rows of text. And since we all wear glasses and have laptops 15" from our faces, the text is not too small. Ever.

IF Dell came out with a WUXGA "Linux" laptop that was under $1000 with i3 or i5, it'd sell faster than they could make them. Every Linux geek wants one.

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