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Hard luck lads, todger size DOES matter: Official


Re: Duh

"The women I've been with found me attractive"

Thanks for sharing your assessment.

Do any of the women you've "had" have points of view they might share? I guess it's possible there are other explanations.


Website which 'could have prevented Rwandan genocide' goes live


Just counted the word 'liberal' twice in these comments.

(Three times, now).

Is this an indicator of imminent hate crime?

And where will it be taking place?


German court says nein to Apple's slide-to-unlock patent

Paris Hilton

Slide to unlock

US patent lawyers must live in their own little cubicle.

Even Paris knows Apple wasn't first to upcome with this bog-standard widget.


Hold on! Degrees for all doesn't mean great jobs for all, say profs


Re: It's whether the degree is *hard* or *soft*

Eadon, I bet you have amazing qualifications and experience. You clearly know what's important and what's not.

You often share such deep, pithy assessments of so many things technical. It's just the teensiest bit frustrating, sometimes, when you play so hard-to-get with any facts to back them up.

E.g. I expect we all have a gut feel, deep down, that UNIX-based (and, indeed, Unix-based, probably) systems are superior.

But the trouble is that some of us, not having your rapier-like understanding, experience and insights are sometime left struggling, wondering whether we have ever actually used one of the 'real' systems of which you speak; what, indeed, a 'real' system is; by what means we might recognise its 'superiority'; what, indeed, are the characteristics of and criteria for such superiority.


I expect that some of us have suffered from less-than-Eadon-esque degrees.

And, the thing is, many of of us are probably of that old school in which making an emotive claim, with no supporting evidence, just wasn't the done thing.

No doubt that when you live at Eadon's level, there is no time to waste on such trivia.


Parking ticket firm 'exposed private info' - ICO making enquiries


Re: penalty ? - Jilted. Stood-up. Left at the altar by UKPC

I've had three run-ins with UKPC.

1st - residents' association employing them requested them to drop my 'ticket' and a number of others in which UKPC had been incompetent in discerning permitted from prohibited parking area. Apparently a regular occurrence.

2nd - rude letter, on Tesco paper (eventually turned out it was UKPC, pretending to actually be a department at Tesco rather than just employed by them) telling me they'd 'let me off this time' for exceeding the permitted parking time. This was in a usually half-empty, large superstore Tesco car park. I often used the store and the in-store cafe with its free newspapers. Turned out Tesco's own employees were also regularly harassed by their subcontracted UKPC parking bullies.

Tesco's complaints department did understand my 'I am your f***ing customer and don't like getting sarcy, condescending letters for parking in your car park while shopping in your store' feelings (expressed more politely). However, in spite of two items in their complaints log which would receive attention from Head Office, they never did.

At that point I switched from being a long-term, frequent Tesco customer to an avoid-Tesco-if-conveniently-possible occasional customer. I have enjoy the last ten years as a Waitrose convert with Sainsbury as the B team.

3rd, and best - a sequence of threatening letters from UKPC, with photographs of my car, 'illegally' parked (in a forbidden space in a council car park). The sequence went on for about a year. The letters came from various solicitors and debt collection agencies. The amount of the 'fines', additional penalties, administration surcharges, discounts for prompt payments, threats of court action, opportunities to clear the debt, etc. fluctuated wildly, up and down, with each change in the weather.

I didn't reply to one, but saved them as souvenirs. Then, sadly, I gradually realised that I'd lost my one-way penpal. The letters had stopped. No more thrill of anticipation. Not so much because I'd lost the heart of my UKPC lover, but because I'd really been looking forward to meeting them in court.

I'd had it all planned. I'd wait, meekly, as the evidence was put before the magistrate. Then, when it was my turn, I'd hand over the document confirming that I'd sold the car about six months before the photograph was taken.



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