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Paul Allen buys lovingly restored vintage V-2 Nazi ballistic missile

Big Brother

British Intelligence

The more I read about WWII, the more I am amazed at how (supposedly) effective the Intelligence Services were at controlling the information leakage from this country. It is claimed that all German spies were turned by the Brits and used to our advantage. That and a lack of air supremacy would seem to have masked all that was going on here in the UK. That's a truly incredible achievement.

All this brought to mind by the comment that the UK 'leaked' info that the V2s were overshooting London. We'd never have got away with this had we not got the information scene under complete control.

Much like the UK government would like to now, I suppose.

(Recommend R.V Jones - "Most Secret War" book for more details)


Freeview telly test suggests 4G interference may not be a big deal


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Thanks for the correction. I wasn't paying attention and still had my shitty amp soap box out from a previous discussion.


Re: Who pays next time

That's exactly right. The problem of wideband crappy TV masthead (and elsewhere) amplifiers is a well known one. Amateur Radio operators, taxi companies all 'cause' problems where low quality TV amplifiers are employed, whereas in fact they are operating perfectly legally and it's just the amplifiers at fault. If all our electronic equipment operated in the manner of those amplifiers, nothing would work without being apparently interfered with by everything else.

The trial has been successful in pointing out that shitty TV amplifiers are just...shitty. If the mobile operators have to go around fitting filters to their inputs then (at last) the problem might be solved for all other legitimate users of the radio spectrum who are (wrongly) accused of causing TV interference.



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