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If only enterprise IT worked like my iPad ... or at least my car

Doug D
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Save us Apple

Granted I haven't followed the RBS fiasco, but the difference between your iPad, your car, and general IT service is that you paid an exorbitant markup on your iPad and car... You get what you pay for and no one wants to pay for good IT service. Many don't even really know what level of service they're really getting. They just want someone like Apple to make all their decisions for them so they don't have to think. Yeesh, when you drink the kool aid you really fall in love with it don't you.... Your iPad isn't nearly as special as you think it is; it does the 10 things Apple lets you do with it and that's it. Enterprise IT isn't allowed to say no. Ever.

Beyond that the idea that technical types in IT suck at business and business types suck at IT isn't new... Both sides need to put in more work to reach the other.



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