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If Google got a haircut, a tie and a suit, would it be Microsoft?


Would like to argue the comparison

on the point of google being like m$ in promoting their interests -

1) Google products and services do work with other browsers, including IE and in fact, even konqueror ! It treats konqueror as 'safari'. This may change if they become the dominant browser. However, Google does follow standards for the most part, even if they happen to be among the first to support them. Of course, their desire to push dart reminds one of active X etc.

2) m$ went above and beyond giving preference to IE in THEIR products/services. IMO, they were within their right to support IE over and above competitors' browsers. What I cannot condone is the fact that they twisted every ISV to do the same. I haven't forgotten how most 3rd party software insisted that they would only work with IE, even when the s/w itself was a desktop or client server application ! In fact, many of them even bundled IE as part of their installation process since windows 95.

Yes, most companies resort to such tactics to promote their business but m$ went above and beyond the call of nether primarily because they totally lack imagination, brain power etc to actually run a tech business and they would be lost without their underhanded ways. For e.g., look what browser dominance led to - NOTHING. It was easy for m$ to screw competitors on windows and then WHAT ? If they had any imagination, they would have come out with new products and services based on this dominance; instead, they wait for someone else to come out with ideas and then steal from them.

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