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I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


Re: Send them my way.

hmmm yes, i _used_ to think like you, but after being taken advantage of many times too often, i am now fully and utterly Meldrewed. i now wont admit to anyone i meet that i know anything about IT .

also, i know someone who used to work at a large well known PC retailer. not a week went by without incident, and after the appalling verbal abuse, threats, and actual physical violence they suffered from a disgusting and sadly growing sector of that firm's customers, they feel even more strongly than i do .


Re: simple really

didnt work for me. when i got promoted they just tried to get me to help them with their personal/financial problems as well as their PC ones ! Dilbert's "curse of competence" ?

i wouldnt have minded so much, but most times they were perfectly capable of finding the answer for themselves, but it was just too easy to ask me, instead of making an effort. lazy minds. when i was learning about IT there were very few people _to_ ask. i _had_ to find things out for myself, and i learned even more in the process.

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